A Serving of Scandal Kate McKinnon is thirty six and mother to Toby She used to be a restaurant chef but that all stopped when Toby now five came along and changed everything Now she has a small but thriving business cate

  • Title: A Serving of Scandal
  • Author: Prue Leith
  • ISBN: 9781552789483
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate McKinnon is thirty six and mother to Toby She used to be a restaurant chef but that all stopped when Toby now five came along and changed everything Now she has a small but thriving business catering for private clients, companies and some government departments Her life is on an even keel Then she gets a job cooking lunch at the Foreign Office and has her firKate McKinnon is thirty six and mother to Toby She used to be a restaurant chef but that all stopped when Toby now five came along and changed everything Now she has a small but thriving business catering for private clients, companies and some government departments Her life is on an even keel Then she gets a job cooking lunch at the Foreign Office and has her first fateful meeting with Oliver Stapler, Secretary of State He s married and a father and totally out of bounds, yet she falls for him She thinks she s hiding it beautifully, but there are people who would like to see her fail and to them her feelings are all too transparent When someone alerts the gutter press, who cares whether Kate s affair with Oliver is true or not It s a great story and will shift a ton of newspapers and destroy several lives at the same time.

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    1. I have always found Prue Leith an interesting personality and have followed her career as a professional chef and food writer in the press so of course it will be no surprise that when she started writing fiction, I wanted to read them. I have now read four of her five novels including this one, starting with Leaving Patrick in 1999, Sisters in 2002, and The Gardener in 2008. Her novels are not great literature but they are enjoyable and realistic, as she draws on her own life experiences as a b [...]

    2. Originally posted on Tales to Tide You OverI selected this book to review from NetGalley’s focus on romance newsletter because I felt like a light and easy read. Turns out NetGalley has a different definition of contemporary romance than the bookstore.It’s a lesson in labeling and advertising, because at first I had a hard time getting into the story. It not only broke with romance conventions, but it threw them completely out the window.So, lesson one is to read this as a book, not a genre. [...]

    3. Originally Reviewed at Novel EscapesFirst, please do not judge this book by its cover! I did. And I was wrong. Whoever designed this one was way off or if the publisher is trying to package chick lit in a different way, this is definitely not the way to go. A Serving of Scandal sat in my to be read pile for ages before I finally picked it up, but I was pleasantly surprised when I did. Now the cover doesn’t really work because the photo of the woman along with the title had me expecting somethi [...]

    4. A Leisurely RomanceKate McKinnon is planning to do exceptionally well at her first catering job with the Foreign Office. She does and in the process impresses Oliver Stapler, Foreign Secretary, who starts to use her same catering firm for his dinners. Kate is raising her son Toby alone after breaking up with the boy's father. Oliver is married to a woman who is far more interested in her horses than his career. Gradually, they find that they're interested in each other and the problems begin. On [...]

    5. The first 100 pages of this book were excruciating. I can't remember the last time a book has LITERALLY made me fall asleep. I really wanted to stop reading, but I bought this book at a used book sale, and the fact that I had paid money for it was enough to compel me to continue suffering through it. I was pleasantly surprised when the plot finally picked up around page 120. The book is about the friendship between a catering cook and the British foreign minister and the fallout that occurs when [...]

    6. I fell in love with the first part of this book. All the cooking and talking about food had me swooning. Kate's personality and huge heart pulled me in. Oliver became part of the scene and it quickly fell apart, for both of them. Their strong connection had me routing for them, even though Oliver was married. Its understandable that as Kate's life was turned upside down that she cooked less and that was hard for me to read. Myself having a love of food and history of working in the industry, had [...]

    7. This is i suppose considered to be a novel of the "chick lit" variety but to be fair it had a really engaging storyline and quite a serious theme.Set in the environs of politics and the catering world, Kate McKinnon is making quite a good business out of catering for political conventions and side line private work but when she strikes up a friendship with Oliver Stapler a prominent political figure scandal ensues when a disgruntled worker leaks their friendship to the press thereby putting a so [...]

    8. Reading Prue Leith is rather like immersing oneself in a delicious warm bath. Nothing challenging, just comfort and softness all the way.A Serving of Scandal is about Kate, a caterer and Oliver, an MP who enjoy each other’s company (as friends) so much that they spend time together after the government meals and events which Kate, caterer extraordinaire, chefs for. Oliver is clever and ambitious with a horsey wife and daughters in the country. The press gets hold of the drinkies after work thi [...]

    9. Poor Kate McKinnon, definitely dealt the short end of the stick when it comes to love! Caught in a terribly situation with a very public figure her life is in shambles. She can't even load her van without the photographers harassing her! With no help from the Foreign Office, she tries to keep her life as normal as possible. Oliver is unable to help her - on the advice of his advisers, he is dealing with his own personal issues!This was a cute story, the characters were well written and engaging. [...]

    10. Definitely different from any book I have read. Kate McKinnon runs a successful catering business. Until meeting Oliver Stapler, the Foreign Secretary while catering for Foreign Office. Kate is an exceptional cook and Oliver is drawn to her food. After meeting each other the fragile friendship starts to blossom until it is dragged to public`s eye. People naturally believe they are having an affair, since Oliver is married. Things go downhill from then for both. Kate goes through hell, being surr [...]

    11. Featuring two very different characters, and their alternating viewpoints. We have Kate who is a single mum and quality caterer, and Oliver Stapler who is married with kids, and happens to be Secretary of State. They both have one thing in common, a love of good food and slowly start to get to know each other, until outside influences get involved. There are many top notch descriptions of food which were making my mouth water, I loved seeing just how much the press can over exaggerate a very sim [...]

    12. A day after finishing it, I'm not sure why I like it so much. A combination of food and romance, I guess. More kissing was definitely needed! Maybe that's what pulled me through: wondering when they might ever get around to kissing. That and wondering what else I might learn about food. The author is a celebrity chef. I loved the scenes where the caterer heroine was dealing with a food/event crisis.

    13. Brilliant story about cooking, politics and love. Kate lives with her six year old son Toby, and runs her own catering business, doing a lot of parliamentary functions. Oliver is an MP and is married to Kate with two daughters. They become friends but someone starts spreading rumours that there is more to their relationship, and the newspapers pick up the story as a political scandal. It all starts to go horribly wrong for both of them

    14. Enjoyed this book. The characters were real and the storyline, modern. It was a bit slow at first. And the alternating between character chapters became predictable. However, the dialogue was good, the supporting characters were believable and who doesn't love a romance set in London? Will definitely read more of this author.

    15. charlotteswebofbooks.A Serving of Scandal was a fun book to read, it got a bit long in some places, but overall the characters were interesting and honorable given the situation. Overall it was a good read by a "new to me" author. I will definitely be checking out more of her work.

    16. A light romance, not really very taxing, a slightly generous 4 star as I can't really mark it down for not being more 'literary' when it does what it's meant to do pretty well. A good read in that I wanted to keep reading for the next slight twist in the story.

    17. I started this and never cared about finishing it, so I gave up. It may be an awesome book, but I was not inclined to finish it to find out.

    18. A well-written and sweet story of live, on different levels and viewpoints. Of what happens when attraction happens, where is "must not". A nice change for "books where I have to think". :-)

    19. I enjoyed the idea of this book, the story line was a good concept but the writing had a lot of grammatical mistakes that made it hard to read.

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