Scars Juan Jos Saer s Scars explores a crime committed by a laborer who shot his wife in the face or rather it explores the circumstances of four characters who have some connection to the crime Each of t

  • Title: Scars
  • Author: Juan José Saer Steve Dolph
  • ISBN: 9781934824221
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Paperback
  • Juan Jos Saer s Scars explores a crime committed by a laborer who shot his wife in the face or, rather, it explores the circumstances of four characters who have some connection to the crime Each of the stories in Scars explores a fragment in time when the lives of these characters are altered, or less, by a singular event.

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    1. Juan José Saer Steve Dolph

      Juan Jos Saer was one of the most important Argentine novelists of the last fifty years.Born to Syrian immigrants in Serodino, a small town in the Santa Fe Province, he studied law and philosophy at the National University of the Littoral, where he taught History of Cinematography Thanks to a scholarship, he moved to Paris in 1968 He had recently retired from his position as a lecturer at the University of Rennes, and had almost finished his final novel, La Grande 2005 , which has since been published posthumously, along with a series of critical articles on Latin American and European writers, Trabajos 2006.Saer s novels frequently thematize the situation of the self exiled writer through the figures of two twin brothers, one of whom remained in Argentina during the dictatorship, while the other, like Saer himself, moved to Paris several of his novels trace their separate and intertwining fates, along with those of a host of other characters who alternate between foreground and background from work to work Like several of his contemporaries Ricardo Piglia, C sar Aira, Roberto Bola o , Saer s work often builds on particular and highly codified genres, such as detective fiction The Investigation , colonial encounters The Witness , travelogues El rio sin orillas , or canonical modern writers e.g Proust, in La mayor, or Joyce, in Sombras sobre vidrio esmerilado.His novel La ocasi n won the Nadal Prize in 1987 He developed lung cancer, and died in Paris in 2005, at age 67.

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    1. "I realized that when someone throws himself through a window and falls to the ground from the third floor, he doesn't break anything at the moment of impact with the glass or with the pavement - nothing - because he's already been broken to pieces and all he's doing is tossing out an empty shell. The guy had hollowed himself out to the bone, then thrown the shell out the window."

    2. DISCLAIMER: I am the publisher of the book and thus spent approximately two years reading and editing and working on it. So take my review with a grain of salt, or the understanding that I am deeply invested in this text and know it quite well. Also, I would really appreciate it if you would purchase this book, since it would benefit Open Letter directly.All Saer books are worth reading, but holy shit, SCARS is something special. Reaffirmed my faith in fiction. Seriously.So many good bits in her [...]

    3. I was really taken with the style of four first-person stories that have something (sometimes very very little) to do with a murder. The structure and style of this novel is pretty stunning, and illuminates how life-changing events in one person or family's life can be just a blip on the screen, a story of a lousy afternoon for other people. But oh, the misognyny. I almost abandoned the book after the first fifty pages because of the misogyny. Sure, it was written forty years ago, but - whoa. In [...]

    4. Juan José Saer was an Argentine author who turned expatriate when he moved to France in 1968 due the worsening political climate at the time in Argentina. He lived in France until his death in 2005. Despite not actually living in Argentina for the majority of his life, he is considered - at least according to his profile so this could be complete bullshit - to be "one of the most important Argentine novelists of the last fifty years." And, despite being "one of the most important Argentine nov [...]

    5. Juan José Saer’s Scars opens and closes with the murder of a woman referred to only as La Gringa on May Day of an unknown year. We know that her death was intentionally caused by her husband, but what we don’t know is why. Told by the way of four uniquely different stories featuring characters that overlap from one tale to the next, the novel doesn’t attempt to wrap things up in a nice neat bow for the reader. Oh no, that would be far too easy. Scars, much like life, is a beautifully mess [...]

    6. the blurb says that the author is the most important Argentine writer since Borges. High praise indeed, but in my view not entirely warranted. I've given this four because some of the writing is top quality, but there are also parts where it slips below that high level. There are four stories within this novel, all interlinked with a murder. I'm not totally convinced by Saer, but it's well worth reading if, like me, you find Latin American fiction a refreshing antidote to the bland best sellers [...]

    7. This is an amazing novel. Saer is playing with narrative form, with four stories that converge towards shocking killing and its aftermath. The bulk of the first three stories is unrelated to the event that they close with, though. This is a very male novel that depicts some pretty uncomfortable misogyny (it was written in 1969), but as much as anything it's about a disconnectedness that these four men feel from the world. Their lives devolve into different patterns and rituals that they fixate o [...]

    8. Parece una novela policial, pero es una novela sobre el lenguaje policial y sobre la literatura. El trabajo que hace Saer al crear cuatro narradores diferentes, cada uno con su propia voz y sus mundos oscuros es genial. Esta novela me hizo volver a la escritura/lectura de Saer. Anteriormente había leído La pesquisa, En la zona y El entenado. Cicatrices es la que más me gusta.

    9. Sé que llego algo tarde a Juan José Saer, pero al menos llego a tiempo de disfrutar de uno de los grandes narradores de los últimos tiempos (en mi opinión, quien ha sido capaz de escribir como mínimo dos grandes novelas, ya merece ser considerado un grande). Leí hace poco la extraordinaria “La ocasión”, con la que obtuvo el Nadal en 1987, y ahora acabo de terminar “Cicatrices”, que me ha tenido completamente abducido durante los últimos días. Aparte de su prosa perfecta, detalli [...]

    10. The whole idea is very well presented, the episodes are brought in like parts of a movie, they can be read separately and still makse sense. But it was disgustingly perverted at times.____________________________When I read this in 2014, I thought it was inappropiate in some parts, but that it had a cinematic like structure where each part could be read on its own. Now, I still think the same but I find it even more gross. Seriously, it seems as if most of left leaning authors must include some [...]

    11. Este es el primer libro que leo de Saer, mi primer encuentro con su escritura minuciosa. Esta novela está dividida en cuatro partes que funcionan más o menos de la misma manera, un personaje narra una parte de su vida, que corresponde a los meses de cada capítulo. Cada capitulo y personaje tiene sus particularidades, también cada relato se vincula con los otros, no de una manera espectacular, alejándose de lo artificioso. Desde el primer capítulo pone mucho cuidado al detalle: Las primeras [...]

    12. The book Scars is about a crime committed by Luis Fior. Luis went duck hunting with his wife, daughter, and a bottle of gin and ends up killing his wife by shooting her twice in the face. There are four narratives by four characters that explores a period of time when each of them is altered by a singular event.The writing style in this book is what I would term very "gritty." It is an in your face type of style, very much written from a male perspective. Honestly, as a female reader, I never fe [...]

    13. "Scars" could have been much more interesting for me if the driving and walking sequences had not gone on endlessly and read so much like line-by-line MapQuest directions for getting from point A to point B. Similarly, the baccarat playing strategy went on far to long. Other than these very annoying distractions, the plot construction of four views of the same event and the circumstances leading up to it was cleverly thought out and presented. Final note: It would seem that drinking gin and gett [...]

    14. I've read 4 or 5 reviews of this book, and not one has mentioned the treatment of women in this novel. There's a fine line between building despicable (and believable) characters and writing characters that seem to embody (reinforce) misogyny and violence. I see the brilliance in Scars and found Ernesto's chapter particularly compelling. The book troubled me though, even taking into consideration what year it was written.

    15. confesso che ho saltato un sacco di pagine - tutte quelle con la descrizione minuziosa: 1) dei tragitti in automobile del juez 2) dell'andamento delle partite a punto y banca di sergioil resto mi è piaciuto;-)

    16. No lograba deslumbrarme hasta el último de los relatos, que además de ser soberbio resignifica todo el conjunto. Una historia de desilusiones muy bien contada. Beatriz Sarlo siempre recomienda esta novela para ingresar al mundo ficcional de Saer. Parece que no se equivoca.

    17. Very well written. Great dialogue. The story is told from four different characters point of view. A couple of perspectives are a bit long winded and repetitive but ultimately ties into the overall madness of the story, depression and loneliness."I realized that when someone throws himself through a window and falls to the ground from the third floor, he doesn't break anything at the moment of impact with the glass or with the pavement - nothing - because he's already been broken to pieces and a [...]

    18. juanjoconti/2013/01Unas semanas atrás, cuando concluí mi maestría, mis familiares me regalaron un lector de libros digitales. En particular un Papyre 613. Nunca había tenido uno, pero el último mes había estando hinchando con comprarme un Kindle usado. También aconteció que por esos días quería comprar el libro Cicatrices de Juan José Saer. Me daba vergüenza no haber leído al máximo escritor de mi provincia y que además es tocayo mío. Recordaba haber escuchado a Beatriz Sarlo dec [...]

    19. A rewrite of The Stranger, but since this is Latin America, instead of an Arab he shoots a woman. It also wants to interact with the Philip Marlowe books, The Gambler, The Picture of Dorian Gray, and perhaps Robbe-Grillet, though with none of them as interestingly as the main Camus treatment. In fact, the book never recovers from its sub-Robbe-Grillet section, the judge's narrative. The performance lacks an understanding of Robbe-Grillet's principles--a major one of which is that building the te [...]

    20. I received this book for free through First Reads. I had a hard time staying interested in this book. At first I thought that maybe it was just the cultural differences that were keeping me from really getting into it, but the further I got into the book, the more I realized that it was the repetition and the detailed descriptions on things I felt were not important. For example, all I knew about baccarat was that it is a game at some casinos, but now I can walk into a casino and gamble on the [...]

    21. Quattro storie, quattro protagonisti, quattro voci narranti: un giornalista, un avvocato, un giudice e un omicida. Vicende che si sfiorano, entrano in collisione a volte, per poi continuare sulla linea tracciata da ogni singola esistenza, nella propria personalissima ossessione.Ottima scoperta, almeno per me, Saer riesce a creare atmosfere spesse, avvolgenti, conscio e abile nel muovere i suoi personaggi e ad incastrare le parole una dietro l’altra. Una spirale, come dice benissimo la quarta d [...]

    22. The story of a crime told by 4 different people is just an excuse for this novel which explores a group of wounded, wounded people -- a young journalist tortured by his mothers actions, a judge undertaking a superfluous translation of Dorian Gray, a lawyer who'd rather make cultural essays through comics, and the murder. It's monotonous, and slow, and brutal. Perhaps the biggest surprises here are that there aren't any and the slow churn of the Rashomon-esque style elicits not the new but the mo [...]

    23. Muy buen libro, algunos lo consideran muy descriptivo y es una forma de escribir, tal vez es difícil abordarlo por primera vez, a mi particularmente me gusto mucho, con descripciones de sonidos miradas o formas de actuar te hace recorrer el momento nítido que están viviendo sus personajes, no se trata de un libro policial si bien hay un asesinato se centra en la vida de un par de personajes y solo la parte final del mismo habla sobre el crimen.

    24. questo libro mi ha lasciato interdetto. e' difficile dire come una scrittura cosi' fluente possa allo stesso tempo essere a volte cosi' noiosa. Ho trovato parti delle prime tre storie veramente irritanti (la cena a casa di Tomatis, le mani delle partite di baccara', la descrizione stile mapquest del girovagare stradale del giudice) ed alla fine dell'ultima storia, non me ne importava molto.

    25. Me sorprendió la fuerza y la personalidad de la prosa de Saer al comenzar el libro. Sin embargo, al final me he alegrado de que por fin termine. Entre lo que más me gustó, la historia del ludópata de la segunda parte. Seguiré leyendo a Saer.

    26. This book is divided into 4 different sections and although I enjoyed how the sections then all came together, I didn't enjoy 2 of the sections and wanted to speed through them. That's a lot of pages to not like.

    27. I'm not going to rate this, because I couldn't get "into it." I tried a few pages, but couldn't give it a fair try. I might come back to it later

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