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  • Title: The Alpha's Mate
  • Author: Jacqueline Rhoades
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    • É The Alpha's Mate || ✓ PDF Read by ✓ Jacqueline Rhoades
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      Jacqueline, known as Jackie to her friends, lives in rural southern Ohio with one lovable husband, one spoiled dog and one disinterested cat She believes coffee is a food group and therefore necessary to survival She always has a pot brewing When not writing, she can usually be found with her nose in someone else s book or working in her garden She also spends a great deal of time chasing deer and rabbits who apparently also like gardening.Jackie loves hearing from her readers and is always willing to chat She can be reached through her website, jacquelinerhoades or at jackie3049 gmail

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    1. Holy descriptionville!!! By the end of the first chapter I was so immersed in this story, based on the vivid and filling descriptions that Rhoades uses that I was standing in the middle of the woods with the characters. Even when I had to put the book down to go to work, I never left this world behind. You live this story, you do not read it. The situations are so real that you cannot help but laugh at the ridiculousness or hold your breath in nervousness, hoping that everyone will be alright.Th [...]

    2. 4.5 Stars! This was an awesome book! I literally could not put it down! I ended up reading it all in one day! The story was very intriguing and it captivated me from the first page! I laughed so much and was so enthralled in this unusual tale of Wolvers, not werewolves! The characters and plot was very well developed and written and I was very pleased with this book! The only reason I rated it a 4.5 was because there were a few moments when the heroine made me roll my eyes a little at her random [...]

    3. Okay this is my first Jacqueline Rhoades book, and I loved it :) This book I could not put down. I read it all in one day. I felt horrible today, but could not put my reader down. She had lots of action, funny misunderstanding that had you laughing, I raged with Lizzie and cried too. I love books that take you on an emotional roller coaster. The main character Elizabeth (Lizzie) has always felt out of place. I loved being part of the journey to her finding where she belonged and that she found t [...]

    4. If you're looking for a well written book that grabs your attention and sucks you in then this is the book for you. Ms. Rhoades has a real talent for combining humor, adventure and romance. Though it could use a good proof reader to fix the typos and it did bog down a little towards the end. Though I've given it a 4 star, if I could I'd give it a 3.5 but since I enjoyed it so much I bumped it up and I would reccomend it to my friends. For a city girl Elizabeth Reynolds certainly turned out to be [...]

    5. There is a wonderful description to this novel here already, so I won’t bore you with my own attempt to do a re-cap. This was one of the best shape shifter novels I have read in a long time. The story line was intriguing, the characters were interesting, the descriptions of the area and people is vivid. The author did a wonderful job of painting the word pictures so that I could easily ‘see’ just what she was talking about.The secondary and tertiary characters were as fully fleshed and wel [...]

    6. Excellent book!It wasn't anything I've read before. Very different from the usual take on wolf shifting books. The only thing that kept it from a five were some inconsistencies. I would definitely recommend this to readers who like wolf shifting books. It's for the most part a page turner and the climax is fantastic.

    7. THE ALPHA’S MATE by Jacqueline RhoadesTHE ALPHA’S MATE is the first storyline in Jacqueline Rhoades new The Wolvers series.Former librarian 32year old Elizabeth Reynolds was on sabbatical and moving to Rabbit Creek. Locating her new place was a bit of a nightmare, but finding herself in the arms of a complete stranger made everything worthwhile. With her car stuck in the mud and strange animals in the forest, Elizabeth hope she hadn’t made an awful mistake. Spending the night at a complete [...]

    8. I love getting the free e books to review from . I don't think I would have picked this book up otherwise, and I would have been disappointed.When Elizabeth runs into car trouble on the road to Rabbit Creek, she is forced to prepare to spend the night in her car in a ditch off a nowhere road in "the back of beyond". Luckily the local sheriff pulls up to help, unfortunately for Elizabeth he is absolutely gorgeous and she's wearing granny panties and is covered in mud. Not what you hope for in the [...]

    9. This book starts out kinda corny. I was wondering if I even wanted to finish it if the heroine was going to keep embarrassing herself But it gets better. The characters are well rounded but it takes reading the whole book to learn about them. I generally avoid books where there are love triangles, and for a while I thought this book might go there, but it is more complicated than that. There are lots of 'reveals' throughout the book as the Heroine is kept in the dark for most of the book. This c [...]

    10. Loved this audio book At first I was leary of the narrator she started off very fast but then she slowed down and the story too off.I loved Lizzy and Marshall. Laughed out loud when they first met. Lizzy in her Granny panties and then Lizzy thinking Marshall has a "partner". I want to live in Rabbit Creek!The characters and the legends of the Wolfers is so different then the other shifter story lines. A very nice change.Can not wait to start book 2 The Alpha's Choice. Charles book.

    11. Stumbled across this gem over the weekend. I highly recommend reading this wonderful novel. I loved the language of the mountain people and the way they lived and cared for one another. The fact that they can change into giant wolves just added to their appeal. Be prepared to bust a gut laughing at Elizabet's coping with everything thrown at her or crying for the troubles they have to overcome. I'll definitely be purchasing Charles' book!

    12. I loved this book! It has it all humor, shape-shifters, battles, pack/family, a love story, and hillbillies. Oh, an HEA too. Ms. Rhoades is a very good author, and the characters were believable. Loved Elizabeth's lists.

    13. I loved this story. Watching Lizzie find her place in the world, Marshall finding the woman he hadn't been searching for, and Charles figuring out who and what he really believed. Strong first book.

    14. SynopsisElizabeth Reynolds may have wanted to change her life by moving to a cabin in the woods; but she never expected her new life to begin with a crash and a rescue by the hot sherrif when she was in nothing but her undies. The friendly town takes her in and help her fix up her new place, and everything seems to be going just peachy. It's just too bad that the hottest man she's ever met is gay, and she can't stop running in to him. ReviewI wasn't a huge fan of the cover on this book, and had [...]

    15. Didn't realise I hadn't written a review :O re-reading the series before I go onto the new one so reviews for all books that haven't been done yet to follow.I've gotta start by saying just how much I actually adore this series. I could quite possibly go on for days about it such is my love for it. The thing is, I love shifter books but more and more recently I seem to be finding ones that are just about sex, shifter sex but nonetheless seriously lacking in storyline. Not these books though, don' [...]

    16. What a wonderful book! I loved every page, every line! It was really good. From page one to the last. Lizzie is such a prize. She is full of doubt and insecurities, but her mouth and her deeds show what she is really made of. And so brave! She takes the news of the wolvers in her stride, then shrieks to high heaven because a snake! Brilliant. There is a great story line, interspersed with smatterings of humour and love and friendship and loyalty. Lizzie fits in as if she were born to the life an [...]

    17. This was an awesome book. I enjoyed this book immensely! I got this book on auto. if you're looking for a well written book that grabs your attention and sucks you in . Combining humor, adventure and romance. Elizabeth (Lizzie) is a middle class librarian on a career break and the story starts with her suffering a disaster that most women are secretly afraid of. She is rescued by a stranger who turns out to be the local Chief of Police - Marshall, who is tall dark and handsome but supposedly una [...]

    18. This is a very well written, fascinating, griping, novel that not only gives a quick historical glance at the world of these mythical quick changing beasts, put into a realistic humanly touching form that is quickly believable, as we are drawn into a complex puzzle that becomes an addicting page turner, you can't put down. This was gifted to me by the author and I can hardly wait for the next installment. How they have endeared themselves and turned enemies into staunch allies even if they turn [...]

    19. What a breath of fresh air! A wonderful story written with such a sense of humor and kindness. This is what I love about paranormal romance! A marvelous and handsome hero you can love with a heroine you can identify with and would love to be (lol)! A believable and loveable cast of characters that you can almost see! I want to live in this town or mountain - whatever! This is the kind of story you can really get into! Adventure, love, romance, danger and bad guys and the wolves are good guys! I [...]

    20. love this author and her style of writing!this book has been sitting awhile on my kindle, it was a freebie and i'm playing catch up with them all. i love the way Jacqueline Rhoades writes about the characters, thier feeling, emotions and how their mind work themselves out of the problems that they arrive. the descriptions of places, people and situations are brilliant, and i loved the lingo change for the mountain folk. some of thier one liners and saying are brilliant!while there is some sex an [...]

    21. Magic on the mountainLizzie has quit her job as a Librarian and rented a place in the mountains for a year. She has dreams of becoming a writer and loves romance novels. What she hadn't counted on was wrecking her car on the road to her new place and meeting the local Sheriff on the first night. She also didn't think she would have such a primal reaction to this man. Marshall is everything she would want in a man but the mysteries surrounding him and the neighbors may be too much for Elizabeth t [...]

    22. I quite enjoyed this romance with a werewolf twist. I especially liked how Rhoades gave the werewolf mythology her own take. Not only were the two main characters highly likeable, the supporting characters were also well rounded and contributed to the story, helping to immerse you in the wolver community. Cute, funny, with a bit of action and some steamy scenes, this is a well-written, overall enjoyable read. I'll be checking out book two.

    23. A shifter romance done right I adore Jaqueline Rhoades writing style. I love a good paranormal read that doesn’t have the young adult feel throughout. It's absolutlely captivating. Whats not to llike about a city girl who adapts to the country living and can hold her own (not to mention in a shifter community). This made for a action packed, fast and enjoyable read. I cant recommend this series enough.

    24. <2Not the book for me, but if you are a huge fan of pnr it might be the right one for you. The reason I didn't like it are purely personal: a mate bond that makes two strangers jump in bed as soon as they see each other, and the hero. He's the kind of man I can't stand in real life (the 'I'm a gift of god' kind)HO there were also some inconsistencies in the plot.

    25. Okay let me say that I'm new to this author and I had no clue to what I was in for! Now with that been said.Wholly cow that was great!! This book was filled with action, drama, gossip, love, laugh, feeding, and one BIG misunderstanding that I couldn't put it down! You talk about a small town where everyone know your business lol Loved it!

    26. I listen to this on audioThe author does an outstanding job writing this in a style that you can see the woods, the hunt it is a very vivid story told in details with a great plot you get so pulled in that you do not want to put down. Before you are even half way through it you start believing there really are werewolves and you wouldn't mind meeting a few. With most books I have read of this nature you have some horny dogs who take what they want. That is not the case with this author she gives [...]

    27. Can a nerdy city girl find peace and contentment in a small Appalachian town called Rabbit Creek? Elizabeth Reynolds certainly hopes so. When she meets a man who instantly understands how out of step she is with her mother's country club set and who offers her a quiet place in the mountains where she can write her dreamed of romance novel, Elizabeth jumps at the chance. Peace and contentment, however, are a state of mind and Elizabeth soon finds that her state of mind isn't even close to the ide [...]

    28. This was almost perfection. A bit different from most shifter/paranormal romances w/very few love scenes, & the relationship between H/h does not really take center stage. Rhoades built an interesting shifter world in this series and her secondary characters have great dialogue and a lot of good old fashioned wisdom. I love that these folks are "salt of the earth" people/wolvers, they make no apologies for the lifestyle they live and they love it, which makes you love it/them as well. I foun [...]

    29. I have a new favorite series! The first book in The Wolvers, The Alpha's Mate, was a splendid surprise that had me riveted from beginning to end. This romantic paranormal story is filled with laugh out loud scenes, romantic sex, adventure and lots of quirky, lovable characters. Marshall and Elizabeth’s first meeting is probably the funniest part of the book. Nothing like being caught in your granny panties covered in mud to make a first impression. Their dialog was witty and peppered with comi [...]

    30. In all honesty, I only chose to read this book as a filler while waiting for another book to come out. Little did I know that I would become hooked. This has to be one of my favorite books that I know I will be re-reading time and time again. Forty-one chapters long, I thought it would be dragging in areas and just repeating what the readers already know but it was exciting and engaging, keeping this reader on the edge of her seat wondering what would happen next.Not only was it action-packed, i [...]

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