Home of His Own Home From an injured rodeo rider to an addicted rodeo clown From the world s hottest country singer to two men who had fallen in love as boys before drifting apart the Home series takes these lovers

  • Title: Home of His Own
  • Author: T.A. Chase
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Home From an injured rodeo rider to an addicted rodeo clown From the world s hottest country singer to two men who had fallen in love as boys before drifting apart, the Home series takes these lovers all over the country and around the world, all to discover home truly is where their hearts love Home of His Own by T.A Chase Book two in the Home SeriesIf you enjoyed Ca Home From an injured rodeo rider to an addicted rodeo clown From the world s hottest country singer to two men who had fallen in love as boys before drifting apart, the Home series takes these lovers all over the country and around the world, all to discover home truly is where their hearts love Home of His Own by T.A Chase Book two in the Home SeriesIf you enjoyed Captive Prince Volume One by S.U Pacat and Second Chance Summer by Diana DeRicci then this is absolutely perfect for you Tony Romanos is a bull rider searching for a place to call his own, and a man to love him no matter what.Tony Romanos is searching for a place to lay his hat and his heart Travelling on the professional bull riding tour is tough on relationships He s never found a man he s willing to settle down for, or even a home he s able to call his own.Brody MacCafferty owns a bodyguard company which has a few perks Being in Hawaii and picking up a handsome cowboy for a hot one night stand is one of them Brody doesn t expect to see the gorgeous man again.Neither man can forget that night in Hawaii and fate steps in, connecting them together in ways deep and true Can Brody convince Tony that Brody s arms are the very home Tony s been looking for T.A Chase About the Author There is beauty in every kind of love, so why not live a life without boundaries Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates TA and writing about the things that make each of us unique is how she shares those insights When not writing, TA s watching movies, reading and living life to the fullest.

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    1. T.A. Chase

      There is beauty in every kind of love, so why not live a life without boundaries Experiencing everything the world offers fascinates me and writing about the things that make each of us unique is how I share those insights I live in the Midwest with a wonderful partner of thirteen years When not writing, I m watching movies, reading and living life to the fullest.

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    1. Tony's story picks up where No Going Home leaves off. Les and Randy are all warm and fuzzy together, which leaves Tony feeling the vacuum in his love life even more unbearable. He's estranged from his family after coming out to them and in the Hardin home, he's found the family he's lost even if seeing Les and Randy's love makes him long for a love of his own.His sister write to him out of the blue, asking that he come home and stop his teenage nephew, Juan, from making a big mistake No prizes f [...]

    2. A feel good story about finding family and your place in the world. 3.5 starsTony, a bull-rider disowned by his family, finds love with Brody, a man with his own family issues. Despite living in different states and dealing with family problems, they discover 'home' is with each other.Sometimes the story seems a little strong with its message of acceptance and doing good in the world (the same as in book #1) and perhaps this could have been communicated with a bit more subtlety but it is easy to [...]

    3. This is turning out to be a great series. I loved the first one ( Les and Randy) and I loved this too. We met Tony in the first book and I was drawn to him as a character so it was nice to see him given his own story. In this he meets a bodyguard who he knows only as Mac in Hawaii and they have a smoking one night stand that leaves a lasting impression on them both but life interferes and they have to leave it at that until a strange coincidence involving both their family members brings them b [...]

    4. Tony and Brody really get your mojo hyped up in this one. There's nothing like a hot cowboy and an insatiable bodyguard the tease and please you till you're ready to combust from all the excitement. T.A. never disappoints and has another winner in this series.

    5. I think I liked this one even a bit more than the first book because the story was great nevertheless, I would have loved a bit more tension between the MCs. But both were great guys.I think I will read the next book in this series quite soon

    6. I enjoyed this sequel to "No Going Home". Like the first book, I thought this was a quality read with likeable MCs and smoking hot sex scenes. I must admit that while Tony and Brody were fun to read, I liked Les and Randy's story from book one better. The story of how Les and Randy got together had higher emotional stakes, so I felt a stronger connection to each character. I was interested in the story of Tony and Brody, but never truly engaged. While I liked Tony & Brody, I didn't love them [...]

    7. 4.25 starsA Joyfully Jay ReviewCowboys, tight jeans, boots, cowboy hats, rodeo, and bull riding – how could I resist reading this book? The answer is: I couldn’t. I have a weakness for all things cowboy and this series feeds my addiction.Since leaving home at fifteen, Tony Romanos has longed for a home to lay his head at night, to rest his weary heart, and to grow a family. Meeting Randy and Les was the start of the new family that Tony desires, a family that loves unconditionally. When his [...]

    8. Der Bullenreiter Tony und der Bodyguard Brody treffen sich auf Hawaii und verbringen eine gemeinsamen Nacht. Dann trennen sich ihre Wege wieder; sie gehen zurück in ihre Leben und erwarten nicht sich wiederzusehen. Doch das Leben geht manchmal seltsame Wege, denn ausgerechnet Tonys Neffe und Brodys Bruder befreunden sich und Tony bietet dem obdachlosen Yancey eine neue Perspektive auf Les' Ranch, wo auch Tony immer wieder zu Gast ist um sich von seinen Events zu erholen.Brody kann sein Glück k [...]

    9. Second in the Home series, this is the story of Tony, ex travelling rodeo partner of Randy, main character of the first book. Tony, a latino bull rider, is living in Les and Randy's ranch when he is not competing in the national rodeo circuit. But, even if he loves both his friends and would do nothing to create trouble between them, he sometimes resents thier happiness and wishes to have a bit of it for himself. And after spending a one standing night with and handsome man in Hawaii, he can't f [...]

    10. Yet another sweet cowboy romance from T.A. Chase. There's no greater mystery going on here, just two men falling in love. Tony has a wise behind his years energy that matches well with Brody aka Mac. One night stands don't always have to remain at just one night.When Tony gets the opportunity to ride in basically the pro bowl of the PBR in Hawaii he leaps at the chance. As much as he loves being home with Les and Randy he is jealous of their obvious love for each other. He wants that relationshi [...]

    11. This book was not as good as the first one. I was sad because I had been looking forward to a series where I adored every book. It wasn't the case here and there are a few reasons. Although I adored the couple a few things annoyed me and it left me with a feeling of something missing, so this only gets 4 stars.Unlike some I did love Tony and Brody. They were not the issue for me at all and to be honest I thought they suited each other perfectly. They were not as sappy as other couples and to be [...]

    12. I loved the first book in the series: Les and Randy were such a sweet loving couple. I didn't get the same sense from Tony and Brody, unfortunately. Hence 4.5 stars.When it comes to building a family to replace the one that's kicked you out and treated you like dirt, this is where this book delivers. Tony the bull rider is used to watching his best friends being in love, and he wants that too. He wants a home of his own, not one where he is welcome but still feels like the third wheel. Brody the [...]

    13. I loved Tony from the last book and him with Brody HOT. Love how they met again thru other people like they were meant too be.

    14. This is the second book in the Home series and it is wonderful. It picked up about a year after the last book left off I think. It also introduced a few new people into this series and the guy that will be in the next book as well. Tony is at Les and Randy's ranch recovering after having his shoulder hurt. a letter comes from his older sister who is part of a family that disowned him when he was fifteen because he came out. The only one that hadn't was his Aunt Elena. Tony decided to go to Hawai [...]

    15. I finally bought this after reading the first one. This is Tony the bull riders story with lots of interaction with Les and Randy on the ranch. It's about a year later and Tony basically lives with the guys in between rodeos. While in Hawaii he meets Mac (Brody) for a one nighter and can't get him out of his head. His family convinces him to come back to Texas to convince his nephew that being gay is bad. Riiight. Ask the gay guy to do that. Anyway, his nephew brings home a beat up rent boy that [...]

    16. Now this was done nicely! This the second book in the Home series and I liked it way more than the first. While you don't necessarily have to read book 1, , I would advise it as it introduces Tony's friends, Les and Randy. Tony is a bull rider who rides the circuit. He's gay but so far, that hasn't hindered his career. His very conservative, traditional Latin family, however, wants nothing to do with him. That's ok with Tony at this point. He's struggled since he was 15 but is now on solid groun [...]

    17. This is a sweet romance and one of the reasons I enjoyed it more than the first book is because the villains of the piece (Tony's family) aren't all painted as evil people. They're not perfect but they don't come out seeming like horrible monsters. Just set in their ways and narrow minded.For those who missed Les and Randy, we definitely get to see more of this couple's life together after the first book. I liked how warm and cozy the environment was with these two. There's a lot of positive ene [...]

    18. Great second story in the Home series and T.A. has given us a fantastic couple to fall in love with. Tony is a sweetheart and even though he likes to come off a little over-cocky and arrogant, when it came down to it all he wanted was a family and someone to share his life with despite his big talk. He had to endure so much family drama and chaos just to be who he was and in my book he's a hero for disregarding all the negativity surrounding his return home to help his nephew - Juan was lucky to [...]

    19. Multiple serious problems kept me from enjoying this story much -- including awkward prose, bad editing, unbelievable bad guys, plot inconsistencies, obvious medical inaccuracies, and failure to create palpable emotional connections.Here's one typical example of the writing throughout: "He collapsed on top of Brody whose arms gave out and they flopped to the bed." Who thought that sentence was good writing? There are multiple problems even with that one short sentence -- now multiply that by an [...]

    20. This was just OK for meFirst off, I found the coincidence a little hard to believe. Tony and Brody have a one night stand in Hawaii. When Tony goes to his estranged family to "rescue" his gay nephew he ends up rescuing Yancy as well and bringing him back home to Wyoming. Yancy was a homeless rent-boy since he lost touch with his older brother. Well, guess who the older brother is??? Yep, it's Brody and when he comes looking for Yancy, he finds Tony.Coincidence aside, Tony and Brody seem good for [...]

    21. Almost had to put this one in the DNF pile. I read the 1st in the series a while ago and gave it a 3 star so I figured I liked this author's style ok and I just wanted an uncomplicated quick read. Well I either have gotten harsher in my critiques or the 2nd book is just much worse. Stale dialogues, flat characters, uninspired story. I could skip pages and pick right up. And the whole thing where the MC was a tough rodeo star with a tragic past history with his family just didn't fly. But I think [...]

    22. I really did enjoy the first book in this series so decided to download them all. Just before I started this book I was hoping that it was not going to be about a completely new couple and I was never going to read about Les or Randy again. The chemistry between them in the first book was perfect so was hoping to read lots more about them!I was not disappointed, the story continued from the first and I was introduced to new characters who grew on me very quickly. This has a great storyline, grea [...]

    23. Book two in the Home series, Home of His Own, continues the story of Les and Randy, but they take a backseat to the two main characters Tony and Brody. While this is an interesting and well written story, it falls a little short when it's compared to the first book in the series No Going Home. There were quite a few side stories going on that help to lay the groundwork for later books and they do make the series more cohesive, but they distracted from the Tony and Brody story. I still liked the [...]

    24. This one really didn't do much for me :( I thought I would like it more than I did. That's not to say this wasn't good. I enjoyed it. I just didn't FEEL the love between Brody and Tony. They were apart too much for me.(view spoiler)[I would like to know more about Cody! MY heart broke for him. (hide spoiler)]Family isn't always blood! That's what I always say. I hate people say "blood is thicker than water". Bullshit. If blood was so thick family wouldn't be turning their backs on their own :(

    25. I enjoyed this but it was true to a formula. I used to think these coincidental meetings stories were a bit far fetched but the older I get the more I realise that in life many many coincidences do happen. Some might give this 4 stars but I don't really get the Rodeo thing, so have only given it 3. Also, why is it that these stories always have at least one of the partners with either enough money to not bother working, or the sort of job that allows easy relocation - that I find much harder to [...]

    26. I was glad to see Tony get his own story after getting to know him from earlier in the series. With this book, I never had that soft romantic feeling – these guys came across as “manly men”. I was wishing for more content around their initial meeting vs. bam, flash to hotel room. I look forward to that initial angst of getting to know one another that was kind of glossed over here. I did appreciate the angle of the story dealing with Tony’s homophobic family and how this was ultimately t [...]

    27. This is the second book of the series. This is a great story Liked the way the same develops and how Tony confronts his past and finally after years of loniness meets someone. Brody has overcome years of a difficult life. Tony meets Brody in Hawaii They connect and after time apart destiny and family brings them back. Brody is really supportive of Tony's career and makes the effort to be with him. What is really good about the way the story develops is that they shared an openness and their ow [...]

    28. Okay know who doesn't love some sexy ass m/m cowboy Tony and bodyguard Brody. Yummy!!! I loved that by chance they meet back up and are still craving one another. I truly like Yancey and Juans characters as well and hope everything works out for them as a couple, they are too cute together. Brody and Tony have overcome a lot in their pasts and its great to see them finally get something good in life.

    29. I enjoyed this book. We had met Tony in the previous book. He goes to Hawaii and meets Mac, who he thinks is a one night stand. He meets Mac again when he goes to help his nephew and meets Juans friend, who just happens to be Mac brother.Tony is still living on Les and Randy's ranch while competing ion the PBR circuit.I'll continue to read this series.

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