From Possess and Ten author Gretchen McNeil comes a deliciously eerie science fiction horror story in the tradition of Lisa McMann s Wake trilogy and the movie Sliding Doors now in paperback Josie Byr

  • Title: 3:59
  • Author: Gretchen McNeil
  • ISBN: 9780062118820
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • From Possess and Ten author Gretchen McNeil comes a deliciously eerie science fiction horror story in the tradition of Lisa McMann s Wake trilogy and the movie Sliding Doors now in paperback Josie Byrne s life is spiraling out of control And just when she thinks it can t get worse, she starts having dreams about a girl named Jo Every night at the same time 3 59 a.m Jo sFrom Possess and Ten author Gretchen McNeil comes a deliciously eerie science fiction horror story in the tradition of Lisa McMann s Wake trilogy and the movie Sliding Doors now in paperback Josie Byrne s life is spiraling out of control And just when she thinks it can t get worse, she starts having dreams about a girl named Jo Every night at the same time 3 59 a.m Jo s life is everything Josie wants she s popular, her parents are happily married, and her boyfriend adores her It all seems real, but they re just dreams, right Josie thinks so, until she wakes one night to see a shadowy image of herself in the bedroom mirror Except it s not her at all it s Jo.The two girls are doppelg ngers whose universes overlap every twelve hours at 3 59 Fascinated by Jo s perfect world, Josie jumps at the chance to pass through the portal and switch places for a day But Jo s world is far from perfect, and the stuff of nightmares lurks around every corner And when Josie finds herself trapped there, her life becomes dangerous and deadly than she ever imagined.

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    1. Gretchen McNeil

      Gretchen McNeil is the author of the YA horror suspense novels POSSESS, 3 59, RELIC, GET EVEN, GET DIRTY, and TEN a YALSA Top Ten Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, a Romantic Times Top Pick, and a Booklist Top Ten Horror Fiction for Youth all with Balzer Bray for HarperCollins Gretchen s first YA contemporary I M NOT YOUR MANIC PIXIE DREAM GIRL, also with Balzer Bray, hit shelves in 2016, and her next novel will be the horror comedy MURDERTRENDING for Disney Freeform in 2018.Gretchen s novels have been published internationally in Chinese, Spanish, Turkish, and Czech The film adaptation of TEN starring China Anne McClain Descendants 2, Black Lightning , Rome Flynn The Bold and the Beautiful , and Callan McAuliffe Flipped, I Am Number Four , directed by Chris Robert for Rain Maker Films, premieres on Lifetime on September 16, 2017.Gretchen is repped by Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown, Ltd You can find Gretchen on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and on her website.

    492 thoughts on “3:59”

    1. Actual rating: 1.5 starsOne of the biggest reasons for me wanting to read 3:59 was because it took place in a location very familiar to me. Like many other readers, when I hear about a book that's set in my state or near my hometown, I feel this incessant need to read it by any means necessary. Unfortunately, 3:59 proved to be one big fat disappointment.The book follows science wiz Josie Bryne who starts having dreams at 3:59 of a girl who looks just like her. As her own life begins to fall apar [...]

    2. For an entertaining thriller, 3:59 does a good job. Some of it is overwhelming or far fetched, and specific parts made me cringe, but it's an action packed read that's great for a quick thrill. With a title like 3:59 you already know that this specific time is important to the story. So from the start, the time stamp shown on every page works to keep us on edge as we know that something is coming - and soon. Then 3:59 hits and something bizarre does happen, but we can't make sense of it quite ye [...]

    3. Actual rating: 2.5I've read my share of books about parallel universes this year. Most of the time, the basis is simple, but then eventually the idea turns into a mess beyond comprehension, both plot-wise and conceptually. This book executes the idea much better than most of the books with a similar premisebut considering those book were mostly utter crap, this book will be elevated by me beyond that, to the glorious category of "unstinky-poo." The plot is also plagued with one gigantic, gaping, [...]

    4. 3.5 Stars. 3:59 was a fun action packed read from start to finish. Throw in some romance, mystery and danger and I was a happy girl.Josie’s life has been less than ideal lately. With her parents separated, her mother consumed with work, and her boyfriend, Nick, distant lately, she feels a little off-kilter. Right off the bat, things go from off-kilter to bad, especially in the romance department, and your heart goes out to poor Josie. After an explosion in her mother’s home workspace, Josie [...]

    5. Holy cow! This book was awesome! I have been on such a contemporary kick that I have been neglecting all of the other genres that I used to love. Including fantasy and science fiction. Oh, how foolish I have been. 3:59 reminded me just how much I love these genres. I need to go find other fantasy books to read right away. I haven't experienced a Gretchen McNeil book yet, but I have no idea what I was waiting for. This book is easily the best written, most exciting book I have read all year. 3:59 [...]

    6. I don't usually start reviews like this, butOh my fucking God. I am dead. I can not live. Guys. I just. No. My heart. It fails me. GUYS. Oh my fuck. I can not even. But. Just. Everything hurts.So I absolutely have to start off with the sci-fi aspect of this. There is a ton of sci-fi in there and Gretchen McNeil obviously did her research. There were so many theories thrown around, not to mention a ton ofoh God, I don't even know what to call them, much less understand! But the sci-fi is hardcore [...]

    7. Nox, Nox…who's there???Book Title: 3:59Author: Gretchen McNeilNarration: Tavia GilbertSeries: Stand Alone (I think)Genre: YA, Sci-Fi, Love & StuffSource: Audiobook (Library via Hoopla) ♫Disturbia by Rihanna --I know, I just used this song a little bit ago…but it fits this one too.♫Ratings BreakdownPlot: 3.5/5Characters: 3.8/5The Feels: 3.7/5Addictiveness: 3.8/5Theme: 4/5Flow: 3.8/5Backdrop (World Building): 4/5Originality: 4/5Book Cover: 5/5Narration: 4/5Ending: 4.3/5 Cliffhanger: S [...]

    8. **Special Note:** My KP, Stacee from the wonderfully fabulous Adventures of a Book Junkie, let me borrow her ARC of this title. All quotes and opinions will be of this version and not from the published edition.My full review will have to wait until my closer to the publication date, but you should all know that this was AMAZING!3:59 was such a unique, well-delivered book-- fantastic characters, engaging and perfectly crafted plot, and surprising twists (OH THE TWISTS!)-- that made for a spectac [...]

    9. Another action-packed thriller from Gretchen McNeil. Every book I read by McNeil is better than the last. In 3:59 I especially enjoyed the science and technology references; they made the multiple dimensions she created feel even more realistic. Overall 4.5/5 stars; I really hope there is a sequel!

    10. Скучно и глупо.Я люблю книги\сериалы\фильмы про параллельные вселенные. Тут нет ничего нового, поэтому к сюжету особо претензий и не предъявишь, кроме того, что не особо интересно. Зато к персонажам претензий целый вагон. Герои просто ужасны, они знакомы пару дней, а стоя над [...]

    11. In My Own Words:Parallel universe. Teens smarter than the average. Portals. Scientific jargons that, surprisingly enough, I was able to understand. Matter can occupy the same space at the same time; meaning, two versions of one person can be on the same plane of existence. It also features the kind of nocturnal giant birds that I’ve only seen in that movie, Pitch Dark. It has the right mix of high octane action, romance and Sci-Fi that did not make my head spin. In short, this book was worth t [...]

    12. Why Gretchen McNeil? WHY?! Beyond a doubt this was a great book. There was action, suspense, mystery and science fantasy. But that ending made me want to pull my hair out. After everything I just --- I can't get over it. It hurts!!!I love you non-asshole Nick!!! I ALWAYS WILL!!!So anyway, let me just give out a short summary. Josie Byrne is an intelligent young science geek. Her mom's a scientist too and is always busy. She becomes an emotional wreck after she finds her beau cheating on her with [...]

    13. When I first saw this book, I was beyond excited. It sounded amazing and there was no question that I would be reading it sometime soon after it came out. The only other novel I've read by this author is Ten, and though I had a few complaints about it, overall I enjoyed the story and thought it was a pretty good mystery. However, I can't say I'm as happy with 3:59. There were bits of it that I liked, but mostly it was an execution fail for me. What's really frustrating is that this could have be [...]

    14. This is the second book I've read by Gretchen and I have to say, I think she's officially one of my go-to authors now. I LOVED this book. It was super creepy, suspenceful and cleverly written. I was particularly impressed by the extensive science to her fictionI didn't understand any of it but it sounded super sciency and convincing! :-)Josie was a great main character - likeable and strong, but REAL too. She makes choices for the wrong reasons, has selfish moments, and doesn't always have the b [...]

    15. So disappointed. I have been looking forward to reading this book for a really long time. The concept sounded so cool, but in reality it just fell face down flat on the pavement. I really wanted to like Josie, but this chick was just your typical 16-17 year old YA book girl who hates her life and whines about everything. Usually I can push past that because sometimes that's just what YA is. What really pushed me over the edge was when Josie started dipping over to the parallel universe and these [...]

    16. Great little find here!I randomly picked this up at the library, and I'm happy I did!!It's got some different ideas that you don't see a lot: multiverse theory and dopplegangers, mixed with a lot of other things that are science-y but very accessible and understandable the way this author has done it. I don't want to say anymore and spoil it for anyone :) If you like good YA with a good dash of romance that's fast paced and well written, then grab this one up!

    17. I am not a science person so a lot of the explanations sailed right by me, but I enjoyed this anyway. It needs a little more mature audience because of the language.

    18. Sadly, this book had a lot of potential but it got bogged down by a stupid romance and a parallel universe that didn't make much sense.

    19. After nearly a month of this book sitting in my gift back from the writing convention I went to back in May, I finally dug it out and started reading. It might be fifty-five chapters, but it took me less than 24 hours to read, which was great. Granted there were a few moments that I wasn't a big fan off, but overall I really loved this book!Pros:1. The characters. Overall the characters were all well thought out and were developed well. There are a few exceptions to this pro, but mostly it's tru [...]

    20. My lovely friend Stacee was wonderful and allowed me to borrow this book from her and I need to send her more baked goods for it. Josie Byrne isn't happy her parents are divorcing and her best friend and boyfriend totally betray her. She's stuck in a life where she's unhappy and no one really seems to care one bit about her.Then something interesting happens. Every twelve hours at 3:59 she dreams about someone else's life. From what she can see, Jo has everything that she wants. Parents who love [...]

    21. 3:59 is a spine-tingling, chilling read that shook me to the bone and had me so wrapped up in this world. Gretchen McNeil has created another supernatural masterpiece - one that sets the bar high and can't be topped. I fell in love with this book so hard.Gretchen McNeil has written some of my favorite books of all time: they're always spooky and haunting, and I just can't get enough of them. 3:59 was no exception to McNeil's incredible storytelling. Everything about 3:59 will send chills down yo [...]

    22. *ARC reviewFirst of all, I’m so glad that the very first pre-published ARC I've read turned out to be a great one! It just makes this book all the more special. 3:59 kept me glued to the pages. I didn’t want to stop reading it, and whenever I did manage to take a break, I would pick up the book with the intention of only reading a little bit of it. I kept doing that until . . . well, until I reached the very last page on the very same day I got it. There were no dull moments—it was so exci [...]

    23. RUN-DOWNJosie's life is going downhill.Her parents just got divorced, her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend, and her life isn't getting any better.Then she starts having dreams, always at 3:59 AM. She dreams of a perfect life. Her parents still married, still with her boyfriend, and popular. Until she realizes that the dreams aren't dreams at all, but the life of another girl. And she's Josie, just from a different world.They decide to switch places, just for a day, and Josie finds o [...]

    24. I only read up to page 60 or so. I couldn't take it seriously enough to keep going. I agree with the lower-starred reviews that I saw on here: the characters have no depth, the dialogue is terrible and filled with cliches, and the plot is very clunky. My main problem, though, is that McNeil has no respect for or understanding of young adult readers. Young adults don't want to be patronized and treated as if they are stupid. You can use actual language when writing for them; they are young ADULTS [...]

    25. I sped through this read like those crazy flesh eating invisible bat things were chasing me. What a thrill from the opening page! Love the whole idea of the parallel world. Wish I was smart enough to understand all the sciency stuff cause it's super cool. Fell for the hero. Love the title too despite the fact that it doesn't lend itself to hashtagging.

    26. ✰✰✰✰✰✰ 5 Estrellotas!Me encantó!Como me encantaría que hubiera un segundo libro :( ese final,me dejó mal pero mal mal [image error]!Daría lo que fuera por un segundo libro.Necesito más de NICK & JOSIE <3

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