Recon Eli knows corruption runs deep within the compound It s a reality he s forced to confront every year on Bid Day But when your job is to go out into the radiation soaked Fringe so that others can live

  • Title: Recon
  • Author: Tarah Benner
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Eli knows corruption runs deep within the compound It s a reality he s forced to confront every year on Bid Day But when your job is to go out into the radiation soaked Fringe so that others can live in peace, you don t ask too many questions For Harper, the bid system works just fine She s the best developer in her year, and she s confident she ll find a place among tEli knows corruption runs deep within the compound It s a reality he s forced to confront every year on Bid Day But when your job is to go out into the radiation soaked Fringe so that others can live in peace, you don t ask too many questions For Harper, the bid system works just fine She s the best developer in her year, and she s confident she ll find a place among the wealthy, respected Systems workers But when an upset in the bidding changes the course of Harper s future, she ll be forced to rely on an unlikely ally dark, unreadable Eli Parker In her search for answers, Harper will learn that in the compound, the truth doesn t set you free It gets you killed.

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      Tarah Benner Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Recon book, this is one of the most wanted Tarah Benner author readers around the world.

    932 thoughts on “Recon”

    1. I loved it! A sci-fi with a splash of romance. My favorite kind of plot. Ok, to be specific, it's a post-apocalyptic dystopian plot. We are given characters on the cusp of adulthood learning to navigate this new world. They live in an enclosed compound sealed to keep the radiation out. What they learn, as they mature into adulthood and find their way in what turns out to be a messy political subterfuge, is hair raising.The character development is exquisite. Each one is slowly revealed through c [...]

    2. No, it doesn't have a pretty cover! No, I doesn't have an interesting title! I've never even heard about this book before. But the question is why not?? This was sooo sooo good! Tarah's writing style is beautiful and the characters she created are just so lovable. There is action, romance, suspense, friendship that made my heart ache. This book was absolutely unputdownable.

    3. This book really did have a lot of potential but the it had too many missing pieces that prevented me from enjoying it. It seemed like every few pages the heroine was "training". what I wanted was some back story on this world created. some depth and history to the characters. It was just lacking in a lot of areas. I also am not a fan of cliffhanger endings. It seemed like the only time there was a chance of intensity in th plot, that the book just ended. Not a series I will continue.

    4. Overall, I enjoyed this. It's a fast read, but it's not very deep. The chapters basically alternate between Eli and Harper in 1st POV, but both sound very similar. A problem a find very common to most authors who use this technique. When alternating POVs like this one must change the vocabulary, phrasing, and rhythm in order to change the character's voice. Few authors convincingly do this.Eli and Harper's on again/off again relationship was convincing until the end. Come on Eli. You're into her [...]

    5. This is a really good 5/5 book for me. Story line is great and so are the characters. (view spoiler)[Harper and Eli (hide spoiler)]. I would recomend this book to everyone who likes action,suspense, and romance. Overall a 5/5 for me.

    6. I've been too busy reading books 2 and 3 to review on this one, but I just discovered book 5 isn't out yet, so I'm holding off on reading 4 (silly me, thought this was a trilogy!)Loved it, though. Absolutely loved the plot, the character development, Harper's growth, and the romance. (Mind you, I've read through Book 3, so basing this off more than just what we saw in Recon.) There are certain books that I love and will reread again strictly based off the chemistry and moments between the main l [...]

    7. In a nutshell, the story is Wool meets Divergent. After a nuclear war, everyone (well, almost everyone) lives in underground bunkers. At a certain age, you take tests to determine where you will go with your career. There are three Tiers: Tier One are the elite individuals who pretty much run things. Tier Two are the white-collar managers who have special treatment and special privileges, such as Control, and Health and Rehab. Tier Three are those who didn’t score high enough to get into Tier [...]

    8. Interesting premise. It was a nice change to read about a post-apocalyptic world that didn't feature zombies. Not sure everything was plausible but i'm certainly not an expert and I was impressed that the author actually did some research to back up all the recycling systems and methods that were described as being used within the compound.

    9. I actually liked this book quite a lot. Both Harper and Eli are characters that start out being pretty awesome, but who yet have a chance to grow. On to book two. Quite addicting.

    10. Amazing beginning to a seriesI love post apocalyptic stories and Recon did not disappoint! It had some similar aspects to some other stories in this genre, it reminds me of Divergent and maybe a little of the series Enclave. From the idea to the characters I thought this story was well written. It has danger (coming at the characters from more than one direction), great potential villains, and the makings if some real kick ass characters. I loved Harper. Here's a girl who thought she was going t [...]

    11. Audible listen. This book is just what I needed at a time when I have been re-listening to my old favorite dystopian/apocalyptic books for months now. Unable to find a great first person present tense narrative with humor, suspense, and engaging world building I opted for the old favs. Until I gave this one a go. The narration was excellent, the premise and detail in this first book show promise, and I love the strong personalities right from the start. Already listening to book 2.

    12. A truly dystopian story It is well written pulling you deeper into the story with every page. The bad guys are so omnipresent it is hard to imagine how our heroes are going to pull off their survival.

    13. Pretty hood book Pretty good book. Great characters. All different personalities. With strong will. Full of action. A page turner. Ready fort the next one exposuy

    14. Next divergentI really enjoyed this book. A little corny at times but a great story, looking forward to the next book.

    15. I picked up Recon after reading the preview I downloaded on my Kindle; being a fan of series like Divergent, I was immediately drawn to the premise. I found that, overall, Recon is a fantastic introduction to a series that I didn't want to end but also couldn't read fast enough. It's character-driven and narrated through the alternating perspectives of Eli Parker – a brooding and intimidating commanding officer – and Harper Riley — a no-nonsense, too-smart-for-her-own-good recruit whose ju [...]

    16. Recon is the first book in The Fringe series by Tarah Benner, which centers around a group of people living in a compound in Utah, years after nuclear war has ravaged our country. In this hypothetical future, the system trains teens in specific field until bid day, where they are placed in a job according to test scores. Our main character, Harper Riley, has always been sure of her future. She’s smart and hard-working, it has never entered mind that she’d get a poor placement on bid day. The [...]

    17. Recon is first novel in Tarah Beaner's The Fringe series, it's set in a post apocalyptic world where everyone who survived the nuclear world war lives inside compounds guarded by lead coated glass. The outside world (The Fringe) is no longer inhabitable and no one that goes out there ever lives very long.or so they've been told.In Ms. Beaner's world the compounds are broken into a 3 tier class system; Tier 1 consists of the elite crowd smarty pants privileged kids who were born in the compound a [...]

    18. I could look up and write down every good word in the dictionary in every language and it would not be enough to describe the amazingness that is this series!!! By far hands down my FAVORITE series I have ever read. I started it for the first time in October 2015. It is now June 2016 and I have read through the entire first four books a total of 3 times already and am on pins and needles waiting for book 5 to release in two weeks!!!!There is a lot of profanity in this book and I don't like profa [...]

    19. Author Tarah Benner brings readers into the tunnels of the compound, where the last remnants of the human race surviveor at least that's what most of the humans in the compound believe. Those unlucky few who work in the Recon division know better. There are survivors out in the nuclear wastelandrvivors who want in. It's up to the Recon workers to leave the protective bubble of the compound and fight to keep the compound safe. No wonder the average lifespan of a Recon worker is so short! Readers [...]

    20. In all honesty I received a copy from the Author and she asked for an honest review. So here it is. Pretty great book. The story is unique and the writing is above average. I usually hate the two point of view stories but in this case it doesn't just work but is kinda necessary. The characters aren't simply retelling the same events. Each chapter adds something worthwhile. I think the writing style helps you fall in love with not so lovable characters ( I mean this in a good way). Eli is hard to [...]

    21. Great start to what I hope will be a fantastic series. I loved Eli's character especially. I also loved that the setting of the story was in a different environment than what you would normally see within a dystopian setting. None of the other series I've read have taken place in a biodome At least I don't think they have I read a lot. It can be hard to keep track.My only complaint, which may seem dumb to others but really made me take a step back and be like "Seriously?!" was when Harper got al [...]

    22. This first book in the series is a quick read, and I liked it enough to read the second one. But fair warning, there is nothing about this first book that screams nuclear fallout and dystopian to me. It was a romance novel with some other background conflict to move the plot. I was still into it but it was not at all what I was expecting or wanting to read. I just started the second book though and so far the author seems to have gotten back to the actual apocalypse so maybe there's hope. Overal [...]

    23. Post nuclear society living in a dome and each person is divided into a 'faction' (sound familiar?) depending on an intelligence score; however there is a catch your score also includes your longevity (which the good people of the dome do not know). So if you have a long life, you end up in a better job and if you have a short life span you end up in a crappy job.The story is about Riley and how she ends up in Recon (their version of a military) after her test scores are revealed as low (althou [...]

    24. This was exactly the kind of book I've been looking for I'm so relieved I found it!I'm so tired of reading tweenie dystopians.I'm 23 and have such trouble finding dystopian books about anything but love sick 16 year olds. There's nothing wrong with them but I've grown out of them I think.I loved the language, just the right amount of cursing & character flaws to make the story feel real. No awkward delarations of love thank goodness. Just some good ole bad attitudes, messed up friendships &a [...]

    25. A good dystopian post apocalypse readThis story is a bit different and I love it. Harper is a young woman living in a walled in glassed in city after a nuclear war. She has studied to be a software developer working in systems. But when it is time to assign her lifetime work she has worked years for her grades are read and are very low. She knows there is some mistake but this is a military ruled community and you don't question. She is bid on by Recon, those who go outside the compound into the [...]

    26. This is set in a post-nuclear war world, where the inhabitants of the US retreated to compounds. In this new world, everyone has a purpose and Recon is a group of people tasked with keeping the compound safe. Eli is tasked with training recruits for Recon, and we soon meet Harper, a tough young recruit who was mortified when she didn't get the bid from Systems she expected. The two are attracted, but life in Recon is tough as nails and there is little room for feelings or attachments. Survival d [...]

    27. 3.5 starsThere were a couple of rough edges to this book that brought it down a bit for me, but overall I really liked it. Read no further unless you're okay with having a major plot point spoiled for you.(view spoiler)[Eli and Harper are good characters, though the romance felt a little stock at times. It also didn't make sense to me that the spy agency chose to throw Recon under the bus. I can get why everyone else in the compound was spoiling for a fight, but since the powers that be are awar [...]

    28. To say that I enjoyed this book would be an understatement. Right from the beginning the two main characters drew me in until I was hooked! The interplay between Harper and Eli is great. I like the two different viewpoints Ms. Benner has chosen as her writing venue. The supporting characters are not some cartoon cutouts with no substance. They have believable personalities and as a reader I genuinely cared about them as well.I enjoyed the explanation at the back of the book on closed ecosystems. [...]

    29. It was a quick read, and good mostly, but by the end of the book, it didn't really seem like anything had happened. We have this bad guy group/espionage unit "Constance" who killed off one of the board members in the compound so he wouldn't talk, and is now trying to frame our main character They killed him because he was going to spill the beans about sending so many cadets out into the fringe, and very few of them coming back but why are they sending the cadets out? because of some outsides gr [...]

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