Ship of Fools The story takes place in the summer of on board a cruise ship bound for Germany Passengers include a Spanish noblewoman a drunken German lawyer an American divorcee a pair of Mexican Catholic

  • Title: Ship of Fools
  • Author: Katherine Anne Porter
  • ISBN: 9780848811297
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The story takes place in the summer of 1931, on board a cruise ship bound for Germany Passengers include a Spanish noblewoman, a drunken German lawyer, an American divorcee, a pair of Mexican Catholic priests This ship of fools is a crucible of intense experience, out of which everyone emerges forever changed Rich in incident, passion, and treachery, the novel exploresThe story takes place in the summer of 1931, on board a cruise ship bound for Germany Passengers include a Spanish noblewoman, a drunken German lawyer, an American divorcee, a pair of Mexican Catholic priests This ship of fools is a crucible of intense experience, out of which everyone emerges forever changed Rich in incident, passion, and treachery, the novel explores themes of nationalism, cultural and ethnic pride, and basic human frailty that are as relevant today as they were when the book was first published in 1962.

    Ship of Fools Queer and Catholic When he was eight, Mark Dowd, fell for the boy from the Persil ad on TV It was the beginning of his life of contradiction , which he explores in Ship of Fools The Magazine of Christian Unrest Eccentrics, nutters, prodigals and rogues Three splendid specimens from Fergus Butler Gallie s celebrated Field Guide to the English Clergy Ship of Fools disambiguation Ship of fools is an allegory that has long been a fixture in Western literature and art. Ship of Fools may refer to Ship of Fools film Ship of Fools is a drama film directed by Stanley Kramer, set on board an ocean liner bound to Germany from Mexico in It stars Vivien Leigh in her final film role , Simone Signoret, Jos Ferrer and Lee Marvin.It also marked Christiane Schmidtmer s first U.S production. Ship of Fools was highly regarded, with reviewers praising the cast s performance but also noted the movie s Ship of Fools The Mystery Worshipper We rely on voluntary donations to stay online If you re a regular visitor to Ship of Fools, please consider supporting us The Mystery Pilgrim One of our most seasoned reporters makes the Camino pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. Ship of Fools, the Enduring Metaphor litkicks Great article, many many thanksI have become finally convinced that the Ship of Fools theme is one of those great metaphors Jung saw, a foreshadowing of the st Centurywhen every helmsman is a narcissistic toad think Trump, think Putin, think Kim Jong Un where rationalism and decency and humanism and science have been dismissed as worthless Shibboleths by obscene greed and Mammon. Ship of Fools Mystery Worshipper More Catholic than the Catholics A service of reverence, fun and distraction at St John the Baptist, Timber Hill, Norwich Read Ship of Fools Katherine Anne Porter Ship of Fools Katherine Anne Porter on FREE shipping on qualifying offers The story takes place in the summer of , on board a cruise ship bound for Germany Passengers include a Spanish noblewoman Ship of Fools Ship of Fools directed by Stanley Kramer, is based on the novel by Katherine Anne Porter The film is a reasonably faithful cinematic adaptation, although it lacks the novel s subtlety and complexity. Pirate Ship of Fools upcoming events upcoming events and guides to the annual popular pirate events like Vitruvian plus the less popular tougher events

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    1. Katherine Anne Porter

      Katherine Anne Porter was a Pulitzer Prize winning American journalist, essayist, short story writer, novelist, and political activist She is known for her penetrating insight her works deal with dark themes such as betrayal, death and the origin of human evil.See also enpedia wiki Katherin

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    1. The idea for Ship of Fools originated in a voyage that Katherine Anne Porter took from Mexico to Europe in 1931. Some of the passengers she encountered on the ship became the models for the characters in Ship of Fools. Porter began work on the novel in 1941 and it took her twenty years to complete. Said Porter of the voyage -- "We embarked on an old German ship at Vera Cruz and we landed in Bremen twenty-eight days later. It was a crowded ship, a great mixture of nationalities, religions, politi [...]

    2. Katherine Anne Porter's powers of perception are so keen that she's the kind of person I would never want to have around as a friend. Everything would be stripped down in her gaze, leaving little room for cherished illusions.The book captures this perfectly: She simultaneously depicts the short-comings of a world on the brink of World War II and scrutinizes those flaws that are endemic to all cultures and times. The meanness and arbitrary ways in which people subdivide who they consider equals a [...]

    3. ARC for review - reissue.This book is everything. I understand that it's got an overall GR rating of 3.7, but this is also the type of book to be assigned in literature classes and it won't be for everyone (hey, even To Kill a Mockingbird has some one star ratings and I think that we, as a public, can agree that those people are crazy, right?). And I can understand why it might not appeal to some readers - it's long, it's old (published in 1962, but takes place in 1931), there are about a millio [...]

    4. Katherine Anne Porter’s Ship of Fools* is based on sea voyage the author actually took in 1931 from Mexico to Germany. It then took her 20 years to write this novel based on her experience. It is known as her masterpiece and it is. The title is also apropos. It is a huge cast of crazy characters. The ship’s crew and first class passengers are mostly from Germany; but there is also: a corrupt Spanish zarzuela company; a political exile noblewoman, La Condesa, who is being deported from Cuba t [...]

    5. I absolutely love this book! Katherine Anne Porter was a Southern writer who wrote tons of short stories with only one or two characters set in her own distinctive world, but in this epic novel she creates a huge cast of characters from all nationalities and races and shows all of their turbulent adventures aboard a cruise ship just before World War II. What's so amazing about this book is that it explores one theme over and over, the idea that we can never really know anything about the people [...]

    6. Such elegant savagery! Set on a cruise ship traveling from Mexico to Germany in the early 1930s. An enviably seamless omniscient narrator carries us through this meticulous study of human frailties. It's an ensemble book, too--a rare feat: no single protagonist--and it works. (This was given to me as a masterwork to contemplate as I revise my own, far poorer, fleet of vices.) The book takes its time without lagging, painstakingly rising to violence--every kind of subtle violence.I found Porter's [...]

    7. From the trailer of the 1965 movie: “There are many stories here but there is only one Ship of Fools.”OK, I don’t know what “Quand nous partons vers la bonheur ?” means. So I am feeling stupid and I am not even on page one yet. Any translators out there?We meet many of the characters fairly quickly. They are a variety thrown aboard a ship on a month long voyage across the Atlantic to Germany from Mexico. There is the normal shipboard class division from First to Steerage but there are [...]

    8. This novel almost requires a cast list to keep track of all the 'fools' on the ocean liner the Vera which sailing from Mexico to Germany. On board are a very mixed bag of travelers, all returning to Europe in search of something they are missing in their lives or to get away from past mistakes or simply to reunite with loved ones. There are merchants, academics, businessmen, artists, entire families, dancers and even soft-core prostitutes among the passengers in the first class section. Add to t [...]

    9. Ship of Fools captures that time, long ago, when being at sea was a necessity. There was no other way to cross oceans and a voyage could take weeks to arrive at a final destination. And because of this need, the types of people that congregated in close quarters on board a ship at sea was diverse. Ship of Fools captures the mood and diversity of passengers at sea during this bygone era.The book's strength resides in the various mind-sets of its eclectic group of passengers. While they come from [...]

    10. Ship of Fools, a novel by Katherine Anne Porter, was published in 1962 on April 1 (April Fools' Day). It is the tale of a group of disparate characters, from several different countries and backgrounds, who sail from Mexico to Germany aboard a mixed freighter and passenger ship. In her note prefacing the novel Porter notes that :When I began thinking about my novel, I took for my own this simple almost universal image of the ship of this world on its voyage to eternity. It is by no means new -- [...]

    11. Copy of book courtesy of Net Galley for an honest review.A masterful novel that cannot be rushed through. The novel takes place in 1931 on an ocean liner sailing from Mexico to Germany. On board, we have an eclectic group of people- Germans, Americans, Spaniards, Cubans, Swiss and 1 Swede.Throughout the book, I felt like an invisible bystander- I, with the author, moved from one group to another, eavesdropping on their conversations. The author spares no one in this aptly titled "Ship of Fools". [...]

    12. When I started this, I wasn't impressed: yay, another depressingly cynical demonstration of severely non-heroic characters. But something about it pulled me in. Strangely, the experience reminded me a lot of Thomas Mann's Miracle Mountain, in that it is a leisurely and distanced exploration of flawed humanity. It *is* a generally depressing view of life, but it is rich and deep and thought-provoking.

    13. Bello. Mi è piaciuto. La quarta stella se l’è giocata per alcune ripetizioni, che alla lunga stancano, e per una certa atmosfera che sa, nel fondo, un pochino di soap opera. Ma nell’insieme è arguto, amaro, profondamente ironico e talvolta apertamente comico. Non esistono “giusti” da caricare su un’arca, neppure su una tanto scalcagnata quanto la motonave “Vera”, né, tantomeno, arche che possano portare in salvo chicchessia. La sconfitta di Dio è evidente e l’imbecillità de [...]

    14. People aren't really this bad, are they? Perhaps I should read this again when feeling perfectly content and at peace with the world. Now was apparently not the right time. I wasn't able to empathize with the miserable lives of these petty, bigoted characters. The relentless misery weighed me down to the point where I couldn't even enjoy the beautiful writing, and just wanted to throw myself overboard. Oh, and I remembered Betty Draper reading this book in an episode of Mad Men. Poor Betty, no w [...]

    15. I think the four stars is possibly more enthusiasm than I actually possess, but I did like it more than not. Certainly, it's long and lacks a propulsive narrative, but it's also so well written and such an interestingly textured read (Porter has, for example, such a keen eye for the grotesqueries of human nature, both spiritual and bodily), that I found it more compelling than I might otherwise have.

    16. In 1931 a disparate group of travellers sail to Europe on a German passenger ship, amongst them Americans, German, Mexicans and many other nationalities. Each one of them hopes to be sailing towards a better and brighter future, but they are of course, quite unwittingly, sailing towards a Europe that will shortly explode into war and mayhem and only disappointment and disillusion await them. Perhaps they deserve it. The title, from the medieval allegory, about a vessel without a pilot and with o [...]

    17. Do you know the quote from Elizabeth Barrett Browning? "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways." Katherine Anne Porter's novel "Ship of Fools" could be described as 'how do I hate thee, let me count the ways'. It introduces us to a conglomerate of people from many different social, economic and ethnic backgrounds, traveling from Mexico to Germany in the closed confines of an ocean liner. The novel is based on Ms. Porter's own experiences in 1931 on just such a voyage. Remember that Hitler cam [...]

    18. The forced relationships of trans-Atlantic passengers on a German ship from Mexico to Germany, in the early 1930s when the Nazis were about to seize power and had already summoned forth their demons from the small minds of their many followers. There's a mix of mostly German, a few Americans, and some Cubans and Spanish. Porter exposes all of the vicious petty class hatreds of the first class passengers and the captain, towards the steerage passengers, and also towards each other, as they obsess [...]

    19. I didn't really like this book but kept reading anyway because of Porter's relentless character detail and her staunch refusal to add any redeeming qualities to her characters as the book progressed. The Fellini-esque setting and portrayals also drew me along. (If there were a movie version, costume design would be great fun.) Anyway, I trudged through resolutely until just before the end, when I simply couldn't take any more. I give it three stars, though, for stellar writing and (painfully) as [...]

    20. another novel I read many (30 or so) years ago and I quite liked at the time though I now remember it very vaguely - just saw it as a recommendation somewhere and it's definitely a semi-classic that is worth checking out

    21. Too many characters for my addlepated brain to keep track of. I gave up about a third of the way through. I gave it 3 stars because the writing was good. I just didn't know who I was reading about half the time. :-(

    22. „I Have Seen All This Before, Over and Over, Only Never Until Now Did I See It on a Ship.”Dr. Schumann’s resigned words make it quite clear that Katherine Anne Porter’s famous novel “Ship of Fools” is not really about people on board a ship in the year 1931, but about our involuntary voyage through life – all the more so as the ship’s name is Vera.Writing this novel took twenty years of Porter’s life, from 1940 to 1960/61, which is reflected to a certain extent in the episodica [...]

    23. The year is 1931, and the action of the book takes place on or within sight of the Vera, a ship departing from Veracruz, Mexico for Europe, with its ultimate destination being Bremerhaven, Germany. The majority of the upper-deck passengers are German, as is the crew, and we follow along with quite a number of the people aboard. Among the Germans, we have an alcoholic professor and his long-suffering wife, a timid woman recently widowed (she is returning to Germany with her husband's body, in fac [...]

    24. More like a 3.5. I guess. I will figure out how I feel about it at some point. On the one hand, it is beautifully written on a sentence level and Porter has a keen, perceptive eye that she brings to her characters. And Germany/Germans in the inter-war period, the focal point here, is endlessly fertile/terrifying ground.On the other hand, it is a slog. There is not much of a plot to speak of. And the characters are almost all so repellant that 200 pages in you are still trying to differentiate th [...]

    25. Zaboravljeni klasik brutalnog naslova, 700strana, 3 čina, jedan brod, galerija antijunaka, prekookenasko putovanje i apsolutno odsustvo ikakvih događaja na istom. Naizgled prevaziđena, zapravo potpuno aktuelna, hardkor literatura. Nema u knjižarama, nema u letnjim koferimazimenaknjizevnazadruga.word

    26. As much as I love philosophy & psychology, I didn’t need to spend all these hours in the neurotic musings of people driven by classism, insecurity, and racism. It’s true to its time, no doubt, but not worth drinking in that mental mess. That said, the language is lovely and the insights into human nature are on point.

    27. Ship of Fools, based on the novel by Katherine Anne Porter9 out of 10A different version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at:- youtube/playlist?list and realini/It is not possible to make such a motion picture today.The cast numbers so many stars that it would be prohibitively expensive.The film has all the elements needed for a masterpiece:- The script is based on the novel of a magnificent writer- Katherine Anne Porter…her stories, on which I have written about five or [...]

    28. Katherine Anne Porter's SHIP OF FOOLS began as a journal--the author herself took a trip in 1931 similar to that described in the book, by boat from Veracruz to Bremmerhaven, and the characters are based on the people she met. Yet Porter was not satisfied with the book, and continued to revise it until finally publishing it in 1962. It tells the story of a large cast of characters who find themselves thrown together on a passenger ship from Mexico to Germany--a cast of characters who do not part [...]

    29. The thing some of the other reviewers on this site seem to miss about this book, I think, is that none of the characters are really that bad.At least, they aren't any worse than most people.Porter sums it up well when she says, "What they were saying to each other was only, Love me, love me in spite of it all! Whether or not I love you, whether I am fit to love, whether you are able to love, even if there is no such thing as love"In other words, she shows up characters unvarnished - both their g [...]

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