Bad For Me Sometimes a good girl needs to be bad I only had one shot One chance to impress Clint Terrance the baddest billionaire playboy in the NYC music scene One song to make all my dreams come true So I did

  • Title: Bad For Me
  • Author: Aubrey Dark
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes a good girl needs to be bad I only had one shot One chance to impress Clint Terrance, the baddest billionaire playboy in the NYC music scene One song to make all my dreams come true So I did what I had to I tugged on a sexy red dress, slipped on the highest heels I could stand in, and sung my heart out I never expected it to work Now he s after me The f Sometimes a good girl needs to be bad.I only had one shot One chance to impress Clint Terrance, the baddest billionaire playboy in the NYC music scene One song to make all my dreams come true So I did what I had to I tugged on a sexy red dress, slipped on the highest heels I could stand in, and sung my heart out I never expected it to work Now he s after me The fake me And I m starting to realize that one song was only the beginning, and a billionaire s desire is dangerous than even I can handle I ve always been a good girl All I ve ever cared about was my family, my music, and the farm I grew up on I ve built my whole life around that,and I m in a good place A stable place So why does one man s touch make me want to throw it all away

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    1. Aubrey Dark

      Aubrey Dark loves to read and write romance that has a bit of shadow and fear mixed in.

    254 thoughts on “Bad For Me”

    1. I don't demand book/author perfection, but I damn sure demand a lot more than half-baked ideas and efforts. This is just another example of too much half-baked sugar for a cheesy dime. Getting To Know YouOur book here is told in split POV -1. Clint: Rockstar, rich, cocky, playboy, spoiled, heir to a mega music studio. Father expects him to find the next big music star. 2. Rachel: Responsible and innocent farm girl with a suppppper-dupppper voice and edge of bitterness over being stuck to take ca [...]

    2. I am a huge fan of His, Mine, Yours and am still in awe of how Aubrey Dark created such a fresh and psychologically chilling book where I sympathized with all of the characters. That's why I was really surprised how this book, Bad for Me, had a much different tone. In fact, I found myself laughing and smiling a lot (and it had nothing to do with someone getting bludgeoned to death.) Although it starts off with a very erotic scene, that's not a focus of the book. Instead it's about the developmen [...]

    3. I'm not sure why, but this book seriously dragged for me. I wanted it to be over long before it actually ended.

    4. Beautiful! So, so beautiful. It took me by surprise, actually. It started as entertaining, fun and sexy, and then it blossomed into so much more.It's a heady mixture of impossible romance, talent show and fatal attraction. I really enjoyed the dialogues and a tempting plot of success in the music business with all odds against it. An enticing prologue helps through the few introduction chapters where we meet Cling and Rachel in their daily lives and circumstances. A farmer girl who's taking care [...]

    5. I received a complimentary ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book was not what I expected. I thought this book would follow more along the lines of His Gift, His Ransom, and Mr. Blacks Proposal. It was so much better than those. Clint Terrance is not what he seems. I love reading about reformed playboys. I think Clint’s character was well developed, and I loved how he was Rachel’s rock through tragic events. Clint has a special place with book boyfriends, he truly is one [...]

    6. *4 Stars*ARC for ReviewMove over Kellan Kyle This is a cute story between a rock star and a farm girl. Farm girl Rachel takes part in a reality TV show to become a star and in charge of the whole thing is rock star Clint. Both characters are really likeable. Their chemistry with each other put a huge grin on my face the whole time. I literally had to stop my self from smiling down my kindle and looking like an idiot in public.The banter between them screamedCUTEandYOU'RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER, [...]

    7. 3.5 stars. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Nothing really about anyone being a billionaire, just a rock star trying to impress his drugged up dad, who owns a huge recording studio, to try and convince him he can run the studio and his dad can retire. The rock star son stages an "American Idol" type competition hoping not only to find a superstar, but also find some pretty ladies to bed. One of the contestants is a farm girl (and we mean FARM girl, V-card and all), who has been singin [...]

    8. Beautiful heartbreakThe emotions you feel while reading this are epic. I've read thousands of books and this one broke my heart and then mended the shattered pieces back even stronger. Clint is what every woman should run from or so we thoughtaybook,rocker,drunk druggieen comes Rachel who is a farm girl with pure heart and soul!!! The bond is brilliant and their love is epic!!! Adored this novel!!!

    9. Got this as an arc from the author for an honest review. And LOVED it!!! Wow. Clint & Rachel make a wonderful couple. Loved Rachel for being a "normal" girlo why do girls have to be so cruel? Never giving herself enough credit. And Clint grew on meeventually. Lol. Loved their bantering. They brought out the best in each other. Such a wonderful story. Good job!!

    10. The characters, esp. the H, were not very developed in this story. It was darker than what I normally read with drug use and such, but that's not the main reason why didn't really enjoy it. There just really wasn't enough character development. I didn't connect with the characters and what they were going through. Thus, it was a meh read for me.

    11. 4 starsI was expecting something deeper and darker because of the books I've read from this author in the past but what I got was a cute, sweet, sexy read. It was a cute read with some adult content. It's worth the read.

    12. I finished this book in 2 days. The story was heart warming a rag yo riches kind of story. I cried for both leading character, knowing that they were hurting. Happy ending always make it better

    13. Another great story by AubreyBoth characters and storyline is interesting and multi dimensional Much better than run of the mill romance writers. All her stories are so different. Please keep writing, I'll keep reading

    14. I really enjoyed reading this book it was a little slow in the being but after a about 5 chapters I couldn't put it down really glad I gave it a go.

    15. I received this for an honest review. Aubrey Dark has show true talent in writing this book. I can tell she put a lot into writing this story, it truly is a touching story. You will experience so much emotion when reading this story. I truly feel like I have been on an emotional roller coster. Warning you will need a box of tissue. I found there were parts I laughed, got angry, I was swoon, and parts I cried like a baby. My heart broke for Rachel. At such a young age she chose not to follow her [...]

    16. What a dark, yet sensual emotional read. I was drawn in immediately and couldn’t put this story down. I loved everything about the MC. One comes from a monied background while the other comes from a humble background yet they both yearn for the one thing that is so far denied them—happiness and success. As the story weaves its way thru , we get to understand the characters and its heartbreaking in a sense because Clint, the hero, always tried to measure up to his dad and found out that he wo [...]

    17. This is the kind of book I usually don't even finish. Some dialogue and most plot points gave me a serious case of the giggles and eye-rolling. And yet. (view spoiler)[The glass sphere. Hanging over New York. With the Cirque du Soleil red sashes (again, major eye-rolling). That alone, and things happening inside it, made up for everything else, in my opinion. At least up to 3* ;-) (hide spoiler)]

    18. Rachel is a farm girl who had dreams of becoming a singer, but her sister went to college, and she stayed on the farm to help her dad with the work and to look after her mom. Her sister and fiance show up one night and covince her to audition for a reality TV show with the winner receiving a recording contract. So off she goes to New York City. The first person she meets at the audition is Clint Terrance, bad boy rock star and the son of the studio owner. When Clint hears Rachel sing for the fir [...]

    19. Can singing to an audience of cows, chickens and hay be enough to fulfill an impossible dream. Innocent Rachel is thrust into a world she doesn't know of lust, deception and lies. Will her voice be enough to win in this world of fake beauty?Clint Terrance is a Playboy Rock star without a care in the world, but it's all fake till he meets Rachel. He's never heard a voice like hers, but he can't get to her. Has the playboy finally met up with the one woman that will make him fall at her feet? And [...]

    20. Good story butThe premise of the story was good, shy aspiring singer meets rich, sexy rock star producer and sparks fly but, there was a disjointed feeling in the telling of the story. From page one I was unclear of the direction of the characters. The description of Clint, the record producer was weak and under developed, while the singer Rachael's character was overly emotional bordering on overwrought. Throughout the book I could not shake the feeling of a great story hovering in the distance [...]

    21. Love this series. Order starts with His Gift 1-3, His Ransom 4-5 and then we get to Mr. Black's Proposal and Bad For Me. I was a bit confused about where Bad For Me fits into the series. It almost coincides with Mr. Black's Proposal. I was a bit disappointed with that. Granted these are all written with the ability to be a standalone, but if you are a fan and reading all of them it would have been nice to continue where Mr. Black's Proposal left off.With that said I really enjoyed reading Clint [...]

    22. I received this for my honest review. This is about a girl who dreams of singing on stage finding love and happy ever after, what her real life is living at home on the ranch helping to care for her mum and helping her dad run it by doing the jobs her mum was before Alzheimer's took a hold while her twin sister Rose went to college and had her life. Then it all changed whisked away to the city for a once in a lifetime chance she just had to sing one song, what this story takes you on is a beauti [...]

    23. Best of the three billionaire storiesI enjoyed this story a bit more than the others in the series such as Jake's story which I found pushed a bit more unbelievable than your average cliche billionaire. The heroine finding herself in a situation where she was isolated and treated badly by others seems more relatable, as is the commentary reflecting on the nature of the entertainment industry. Definitely worth reading but I'd suggest reading Jake's stories first.

    24. BeatifulThis was a really emotional ride, filled with everything a romance needs. I would have liked to get into Clint's head a bit more. I loved Rachel. I'm assuming there's more to come about Rose. When Clint was teaching Rachel how to breathe, I felt myself breathing with her. That's just how well this writer makes you feel her characters. I look forward to more books with all the wonderful secondary characters.

    25. Received a arc for a honest review so lucky to get to read this. First it starts out by just pulling you right in. Then gets emotional telling Rachel's side. This has everything drama action suspense and tearful moments. Aubrey did amazing with this and another one of my favorites from her. I connected so much with Rachel was so trapped in this story. Couldn't put down. But warning leaves you needing more.

    26. Bad for Mr by Aubrey DarkA very good book I recommend it you will enjoy it it great I loved it A Rock star fall for a farm girl innocent enter in a singing contest his sponsering s lot happen you need to read the book to much to write about but you will enjoy it a lot of ups and down but love wins out enjoy Margie Moran

    27. Cute falling in love storyOk I liked this story the best out of the Billionaire Romance series. I could identify with Rachel in being a worry wart and wanting to sink into the crowd and disappear. Clint helped her get the confidence to achieve her dream. And it helps that they fell in love during the process. Very nice read!

    28. Hot and funThis book had everything, it fun and made you cheer for the female character. And then it made you hot and love the connection between the two main leads. It was also heart warming and caring and by the end you really fell in love with the male lead.

    29. Hmm was an ok book. Quite touching in places but oh so predictable hence the rating. I almost DNF which is unheard of for me. The ending was better than the beginning so I am glad I kept reading

    30. Great story of success.I read this in one day of traveling. It had some good issues of dealing with Alzheimer's/dementia and family dynamics. I didn't like that the heroine was always crying. It had a great ending and a broad lead in to more books in the series.

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