Banned for Life For almost two decades rumors have swirled around Jim Cassady a quasi legendary musician who disappeared without a trace after his girlfriend s apparent suicide Though largely written off as dead s

  • Title: Banned for Life
  • Author: D.R. Haney
  • ISBN: 9781427624994
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback
  • For almost two decades, rumors have swirled around Jim Cassady, a quasi legendary musician who disappeared without a trace after his girlfriend s apparent suicide Though largely written off as dead, some claim to have had brushes with Cassady, now said to be homeless and bumming change on the streets of his native Los Angeles Intrigued, Jason Maddox, a would be filmmakerFor almost two decades, rumors have swirled around Jim Cassady, a quasi legendary musician who disappeared without a trace after his girlfriend s apparent suicide Though largely written off as dead, some claim to have had brushes with Cassady, now said to be homeless and bumming change on the streets of his native Los Angeles Intrigued, Jason Maddox, a would be filmmaker and Cassady fan, decides to investigate But the man he eventually finds and befriends is damaged in ways he could never have imagined, and Jason s own life begins to unravel as he tries to save the hapless Jim Cassady from himself.A mystery wrapped in a roller coaster account of the American pop culture underbelly, Banned for Life has been cited as a cult favorite by the New York Journal of Books, with a reputation that continues to expand Every once in a while, I read a book that I think everyone else should read A book that lovers of all genres can enjoy A book that I wish I could buy for every single non reader out there to prove to them what they are missing Banned for Life is one of those booksonce I started, I knew I was not going to want it to end It called to me every time I put it down It begged It screamed I savored every moment of it, and I dreaded reading that final sentence The Next Best Book Blog.pitch perfect, laugh out loud funny, and heartrendingly sad of those rare books that tells the story of a generation Chris Kraus, author of I Love Dick Banned for Life follows Jason Maddox s serio comic adventures in the underground punk scene, stretching beyond mosh pit mayhem and barroom brawls to explore death and obsession and purpose The author zigzags confidently between a resonant coming of age tale in North Carolina, la vie boh me in hardscrabble New York, and a tempestuous L.A love affaireven readers ambivalent to punk will be drawn in by the peculiarly irresistible voice of Jason The Nervous Breakdown Haney s characters are nuanced and interesting and you actually care about what s going to happen to them Maximum RocknRoll terary fiction at its best Like Melville in Moby Dick , D R Haney has created a world so rich in detail, so authentic, so damned cool, you want to take up a harpoon or, in this case, a guitar and join the fray Greg Olear, author of Totally Killer and Fathermucker a powerful and affecting novel that hits all the right notes Largehearted Boy

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    1. D.R. Haney

      D R Haney is the author of a novel, Banned for Life, and a nonfiction collection, Subversia He s known to friends as Duke.A few links Interview with novelist Darcia Helle 7 2011Profile in the San Antonio Current 12 10PANK magazine s review of Subversia Banned for Life Book Notes at Largehearted Boy Podcast interview on Indie 103.1 in Los Angeles Suicide Girls Radio 9 29 2008Review of Banned for Life at The Next Best Book BlogInterview at The Next Best Book Blog 4 10Interview about Banned at The Nervous Breakdown 7 09Piece in Tank magazine UK 1 2009Reflections on William Faulkner at Three Guys One BookSelf interview about rock roll, movies, fame, and the writing process, among other matters

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    1. I'm not going to review this book, as I'm the author, except to give it five stars. It took me nine years to write, and I figure for that reason alone I've earned my own high rating.

    2. I am not the audience for this book. However, I did find many parts of it oddly entertaining, the way that gossipy accounts of other people’s dysfunction and high drama can be. Punk rocker/filmmaker/sometime temp and usually broke Jason Maddox narrates in a very casual and conversational tone his adventures with various, often oddball, friends, lovers, band-mates and an agoraphobic retired music idol, through the landscapes of New York, Los Angeles, and Belgrade. The characters who populate th [...]

    3. Review copy.Every once in awhile, I find myself reading a book that surprises me. A book that amazes me. A book that demands attention. A book that forces me to read it slowly, and thoroughly, in an effort to make it last. This is one of those books.D.R. Haney's book was recommended to me by Greg Olear (author of "Totally Killer") - and I am so glad that he did, because had he not, I fear I may never have come across it on my own. And I want to thank Haney for mailing me a copy to review.D.R. Ha [...]

    4. So, I got this book at the end of November (from the author, fuller disclosure later), and read the first 15 pages of it and had to put it down -- because I knew if I read one more word I would get absolutely nothing else done, because all I would want to do is read the story of a guy who -- in a slightly other place and time -- could've been me and my friends as we discovered punk music.Then, of course, I hesitated to pick it back up after the holidays, because what if it wasn't as good as I re [...]

    5. I'd read D.R. Haney's collection of personal essays, Subversia, and really enjoyed it. This naturally lead me to buy a copy of this, his novel. And guess what? I loved it! There is so much STORY in this story! Many people will tell you this is a punk rock novel, but that is so misleading! It's about family and where you come from and where you want to go and how you get there and don't get there. It's about friendships, good ones and bad ones and ones that are both. It's about music and movies a [...]

    6. this book is remarkable for two reasons. first, because it has a character in it that is absolutely real. i don't generally read for character, but every now and then one of them leaps out at me and i go, oh, look, a character, that's great! i mean like holden caulfield or tarzan or queequeg or whatever. the character peewee in this book is one of those. really; he's gonna live in my head now. him and his buddy sammy glick (who maybe are cousins? they have a lot in common)cond reason this book i [...]

    7. D.R. Haney's novel Banned for Life, may be the best rock & roll novel ever. It is actually one of my very favorite novels I have ever read of any genre. Rock & Roll/Punk is kind of the overall arch of the book. However, much more importantly, the novel has to do with growing up, and how one deals with the changes of the people growing up around them and their own changesletting go, moving on, keeping parts of our past with us. I know I am not making this sound like the most spectacular b [...]

    8. Banned for Life starts out much like other memoir-style stories, with the main character Jason relating some tale from his past that's bound to lead someplace, but quickly becomes something more. After you've found yourself hooked by the story you realize that what's really holding your attention is not just the story, but also the way it's told. The writing is so honest, so raw and truthful as Jason tells of his experiences and feelings and the complicated situations that all eventually brought [...]

    9. This is a love story. A story about embracing people you can't have, music you can't contain, movies you can't make money off of, and people too damaged by the sort of self-destructive brilliance that makes great art. We worship these people from afar, but are rarely in the car or the alley with them, mopping up teeth, realizing what the day to day cost of a true lack of compromise really is. This book captures that feeling, as well as a period of time when punk was vital, the Corporatocracy was [...]

    10. Banned For Life is about punk rock? Sure, just like Moby-Dick is about whales. This is the thrilling story of Jason Maddox, 80s musician turned 90s screenwriter, who embarks on an Ahab-like quest of his own -- although the blubbery object of his fascination is a vanished punk-poet. Like Melville, D.R. Haney has created a world so rich in detail, so authentic, so damned cool, you want to take up a harpoon -- or, in this case, a guitar -- and join the fray. Banned For Life is literary fiction at i [...]

    11. This is a coming of age story that explores human nature and the choices we make through a journey of sex, drugs and rock & roll. Haney takes us through the punk rock movement, the challenges and rewards of starting a band, and the difficulties of finding a balance between doing what we love and becoming responsible adults. Mixed in there is heartbreak and love, friendship and loss. Banned For Life is a well written, captivating story with memorable characters. Not only is this an excellent [...]

    12. duke haney's writing voice is completely intimate, and mesmerizing, and this is a remarkable debut novel. banned for life moves along at a good clip, keeps you guessing, and pushes you deeper into the lives of his wonderfully wrought characters until you are completely immersed in the world of his book. i talked a lot to this book while reading it: arguing with the characters, who felt like friends of mine, nodding with satisfaction when they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, cringing wh [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book so much that I don't even know where to start this review.I suppose I could start by saying that I'm extremely picky about the fiction that's written today. Oftentimes it's unoriginal, uninspired, formulaic garbage that lacks any romance and leaves me feeling frustrated because it's clear that the author is trying far too hard to write the next Harry Potter or Twilight series with the movie and merchandising deals that come along with it. And actually, that's another thing I [...]

    14. I'm not sure when I started reading this book. 2013'ish I believe. I fell in love with it pretty quickly. I would say I finished 7/8th of the book…and then wham-LOST IT. A couple other books are missing too. A backpack full of books I took around with me for long waits is floating around somewhere, with some amazing books in it. Perhaps it's in the Rancho Cucamonga courthouse, where I anticipated sitting all day for jury duty. I had to reorder Banned for Life. Because more than a year or two h [...]

    15. Overall, I really enjoyed the book. However, I feel like I need to make a disclaimer here because I know many of you are sensitive about profanity in books and this one has A LOT. You don't even get through the first line without encountering the f-word (best first line of a book ever, by the way). Personally, I wasn't offended by the language in the book. I thought it added a genuine voice to the character, much as I felt toward the profanity used in Lush Life by Richard Price. But, I felt like [...]

    16. As a teenager, I read the novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. I remember being attracted to the idea of kids who went against the social norm and really enjoyed reading the novel. Now, many years later, I find myself in awe at the power of another novel about young "punks" and growing up. In Banned for Life, author D.R. Haney captures the realism and grit of growing up an outsider, on a level I have never experienced before.The novel is narrated by Jason Maddox, a struggling filmmaker who recall [...]

    17. In last January's issue of TANK*, D.R. Haney quoted Marlon Brando as saying "We've come to replace art with craft and craft with cleverness."Haney's first book 'Banned for Life' seems hellbent on destroying all three. Born out of this is a type of raw fiction which redeems itself in the telling--a cocky confessional as introspective as it is explosive. It's a whopper of a book at 405 pages and crammed with enough story and cinematic scope to give peter jackson wet dreams, but reads like a devil' [...]

    18. “Banned for Life” is an amazing book; it well deserves all five stars. The book is written like a memoir. I felt like I was sitting with the author while he told me about his crazy past. I especially loved the characters in ”Banned.” They seemed so real. I had a clear picture in my head of who they were and what they looked like. Some of the characters in this book reminded me of some of the crazy friends I’ve had in the past.“Banned For Life” is the kind of book I’d love to see [...]

    19. This book began with a great (if profane) opening line and managed to keep a frenetic pace as we journey through through the youth and early adulthood of the narrator, who we meet in high school as a preppy jock and follow into the punk rock scene and beyond. Banned For Life is an authentic and faithful representation of this musical movement in the late '70s and early '80s, and as someone who was on the tail end of that trend, it brought back a lot of memories of bands I haven't listened to or [...]

    20. I didn't want to expect too much from this book, so I wouldn't be disappointed if it sucked; however it not only didn't suck, it turned out to be great- one of the best novels I've read in a very long time In the interest of full disclosure, I should point out that the author sent me a copy of this book gratis (thanx, Duke). That is not really an issue, because I legitimately liked it, but it is well known that some reviewers allow themselves to be bought cheaply. I never did that when I used to [...]

    21. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this book very much! It was fast paced and despite my reservations about not being able to relate to a punk rock novel, I found myself drawn into the story. It's not just the plot, the characters were so real and alive that I felt like I knew them. Sometimes it was as if I had just met Jason and he was running his mouth off telling me about his life. Although he is practically a stranger, he spared no details and yet I was not offended.* I received this book through The N [...]

    22. A friend sent me the book. Though it didn't look like something I would embrace, once I started I was driven by the compelling story, the well developed characters, and the marvelous prose. Haney's story development and style reminds me of Doctorow. The main character is one of those men-on-a-mission to cast off the tag of being damaged goods while working within his own value system - all this in a setting of LA's soul-less one-dimensional lifestyles. This book deserves a wide audience.

    23. After a 4 month hiatus from reading, it was so nice to pick up a book that's both well written and entertaining. Got me back on the proverbial horse! Despite having little knowledge of the world of punk rock, I enjoyed the characters and wanted to find out what happens next. Pee Wee reminded me a little bit of Owen Meany (I'm a big John Irving fan) and the whole missing musician aspect brought me back to one of my fav movies from growing up - Eddie & The Cruisers.

    24. Easily one of the best rock lit titles I've ever read.People talk a lot about Peewee, but for my money, I loved the rendering of Irina, a lovely girl who learns her own mind and unconscious motives as the drama unfolds. So many riveting characters. Such tough language. This is not MFA writing.

    25. Loved it. Great story packed within realistic vignettes of life in a band, as well as the realities of post-band adulthood.The story reads at a furious pace, alternating between present day life and the protagonist's past. Super inventive plot points buck cliches like a bronco on steroids- nothing is trite in this book. Characters are developed well, and the undercurrents of music and relationships are powerful and extremely well-done.Music fans will enjoy the backstories of the author's bands a [...]

    26. I loved this and I hated it. The characterisation of people and places was great and despite the grubbiness of much of the subject matter, I wanted to be there. I recognised many of the scenes as universal when immersed in the lives of transient people. For all their failings, I loved Jim and Peewee. I lost track of how many anecdotes were completely spot-on and made me laugh, enjoying the humour of the mundane. One scene perfectly captured the desolation of a Greyhound terminal. This entire tal [...]

    27. If anything, Banned For Life is about how one does not have to sacrifice a punk mentality with age, and that punk does not come at the expense of happiness. Yes, punk is a reaction, and often an anger against the perceived wrongs in the world, but it's also this: If we weren't so hellbent on screwing each other over, if we were all able to do what we want, we might be happy.(My full review can be found on Glorified Love Letters.)

    28. I read this for GoodRead's The Next Best Book Club, where the author participated in the discussion, which definitely added to my enjoyment of the book. Honestly, I liked the book much more than I expected to, not having much to related to the underground punk scene of the late 80's / early 90's. But the book is about much more than that. It's about relationships, and about the influence of music, no matter the genre.

    29. How could I not love a book that somehow mentions Joey Shithead of DOA -AND Wanda Jackson???No, this book is so much more than that. It's about the '80s punk rock scene, it's about friendship, love, loss, grief, the excesses of LA and the Hollywood wannabes scene, life quests, soul-searchingThis book has it all. The characters are so real.

    30. short review is: this book is sincerely incredible. I consistantly push this book onto friends, forcing them to also bask in its glory.

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