The Rage of Achilles Blood Guts Pride Wrath The ancient clash of armies outside the walls of Troy is a cornerstone of Western literature In The Rage of Achilles Terence Hawkins brilliantly reimagines that titanic encount

  • Title: The Rage of Achilles
  • Author: Terence Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9781934081204
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blood Guts Pride Wrath The ancient clash of armies outside the walls of Troy is a cornerstone of Western literature In The Rage of Achilles, Terence Hawkins brilliantly reimagines that titanic encounter His stunningly original telling captures the brutality of the battlefield, the glory and the gore, in language that never relents Raw and compelling, The Rage of AchBlood Guts Pride Wrath The ancient clash of armies outside the walls of Troy is a cornerstone of Western literature In The Rage of Achilles, Terence Hawkins brilliantly reimagines that titanic encounter His stunningly original telling captures the brutality of the battlefield, the glory and the gore, in language that never relents Raw and compelling, The Rage of Achilles tells the story of Achilles, a monstrous hero, by turns vain and selfish, cruel and noble of Paris, weak and consumed by lust for his stolen bride of Agamemnon, driven nearly to insanity by the voices of the gods and of Trojans and Achaeans, warriors and peasants, caught up in the conflict, their families torn apart by a decade long war The Rage of Achilles is an exhilarating story that has captured the imaginations of readers for thousands of years restored to immediacy.

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      465 Terence Hawkins
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    1. Terence Hawkins

      Kirkus Reviews called Terence Hawkins second novel, American Neolithic, a towering work of speculative fiction when naming it a Best Book of 2014 Julia Glass said, You will be amazed at Terence Hawkins s prodigious imagination, his Bowie sharp wit, and the skill with which he tells a story Hawkins is the founding Director of the Yale Writers Conference, which annually brings three hundred writers from around the world to New Haven He is also the author of The Rage of Achilles, a recounting of the Iliad in modern prose, with a realism that is sometimes brutal His short stories have appeared in such publications as Keyhole, Eclectica, and Pindeldyboz His commentary has appeared in the New Haven Register and on Connecticut Public Radio.He grew up in Uniontown, a coal town in southwestern Pennsylvania Both grandfathers and several uncles were miners He graduated from Yale, where he was Publisher of the Yale Daily News, and the University of Wisconsin Law School He lives in New Haven with the enigmatic yet pithy Mrs H his muse and keeper.

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    1. (Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography [cclapcenter]. I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted illegally.)Although Terence Hawkins' The Rage of Achilles is an excellent book, there's really not that much to say about it from a critical standpoint: it's essentially a faithful retelling of the ancient Homer poem The Iliad, only using the kind of graphic modern language you might hear on an HBO series, and also assum [...]

    2. Even if I were previously unacquainted with Hawkins's work, I'd be hot to recommend his first novel,The Rage of Achilles--a quick, antic, and faithful retelling of the Iliad. While The Rage of Achilles retains many of the Iliad's strengths--especially its epic scope--it offers a great deal more visceral coherence than the original, translating the ancient--and somewhat sterile--motivations (a stolen bride, a poor distribution of spoils, complicated intra-Achaeans politics, etc.) into their real [...]

    3. Terence Hawkins's The Rage of Achilles is a modern adaptation of Homer's Iliad, centering on the latter portion of the lengthy Trojan War. True to its source material, the cast of characters remains the same, ultimately culminating in the meeting of Achaean elite Achilles and Troy's favorite son Hector. Hawkins's version gets a lot right--impeccable characterization, realistic and witty dialogue, strong descriptive passages, and just about everything else. Still, if there's a complaint that warr [...]

    4. This book is supposed to be a "grittier" retelling of the Iliad, as if the original poem wasn't gritty enough. It just isn't very well-written, with the dialogue in particular being downright atrocious in places. Coarse language and references to sex, as well as descriptions of various sexual acts -- especially fellatio -- feature so heavily that it becomes absurd. I managed to finish the book only by considering it a comedy. After all, how else can one take the discussion between Hector and Par [...]

    5. Raw?Check. Violent?.Check. great retelling of The Iliad?.Completely checked!! This is NOT for everyone and the crudeness of it will repel many a reader, but the reality of how it was to be away from your farm and families for 9 years I'm sure led to many deprivations and immoralities. Mr. Hawkins has captured the essence of ancient warfare and soldiering in a most personal and up front manner.

    6. Rage of Achilles throws you into the maelstrom of the times, and evokes images that one would normally only find at an indie film festival. Truly a great way to avoid the hum drum of foruluaic novels

    7. If I could give this zero stars, I honestly would. In an era chock full of gritty reboots of every story known to modern society, it's no surprise that Iliad is prime for similar attention. And that's the book's biggest problem, because that flaw underscores every other part. The epic this is based on is already keen to note and illustrate the horrors of war, but where the Iliad does not venerate it (see: the entire plot hinging on Achilles' disillusionment with the entire affair and his leaders [...]

    8. Picked up at a reading by the author at the Apocalypse. A vibrant and modern retelling of the Iliad that drags the original story and its characters though Illyrian mud.So the Greeks were crazy, and so are most of us. Odysseus is the only marginally sane character in this story. Even the ones who don't spend a lot of time talking to the gods they hear in their heads don't really see what's going on around them most of the time.Like Danny Mac said, this book is chok full of gore and porn, and Haw [...]

    9. This was a good read. The grittiness was a little too gritty and violence a little to grotesque at times. I understand where he was trying to de-romanticize the story, but I think he took it a bit too far.

    10. Very fun, exciting read. Hawkins has an agile and immense imagination that colors this ancient and important story in a vivifying modern light.

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