The Harvest An alien entity in the remote Appalachian Mountains threatens a small town as a strange infection spreads

  • Title: The Harvest
  • Author: Scott Nicholson
  • ISBN: 9781907190940
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
  • An alien entity in the remote Appalachian Mountains threatens a small town as a strange infection spreads.

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    1. Scott Nicholson

      With than 500,000 books sold worldwide, Scott Nicholson is an international bestselling thriller writer He won the Writers of the Future Award in 1999 and was a Stoker Award finalist in 2003 His Fear series was published by s Thomas Mercer imprint and 47North released the supernatural thriller McFALL.He s also published a number of supernatural, paranormal, and fantasy books and stories, including the AFTER post apocalyptic series, as well as children s books, comics, and screenplays His 2006 novel The Home is in development as a feature film.

    377 thoughts on “The Harvest”

    1. Original review March 16, 2011---update Oct. 4, 2012I have mentioned that my wife passed away some time ago (almost 2 years now) and I have left most of her books on my shelves undisturbed. It was easier. But I also needed to move to a smaller place last year. A number of my book shelves couldn't make the trip, thus I had to sell, trade etc. many of my books. With the shelves I now have here loaded to bursting (double loaded front and back rows with books crammed into each possible available spa [...]

    2. Reads like one of those classic science fiction/horror movies from the 50s. Fast paced and fun, filled with well rounded characters and authentic "jump out of your skin" moments.Highly recommended.

    3. This was incredible sci-fi horror fun. I really enjoyed Nicholson's writing as the story didn't take itself too seriously yet still packed an emotional punch. The tone struck a perfect balance to me, the alien kicked ass, and the results of the infestation were vivdly described. If I had actully had time to read, I would have devoured this in a couple of days.

    4. his is Scot Nicholson doing what he does best, taking a sleepy little small town in the middle of nowhere and terrorising the hell out of them! In this case an alien being has landed on the mountainside and needs to feed to survive by "harvesting" the inhabitants, both animal and vegetable, turning them into zombie like hybrid beings. The heroes are three old men, Chester, Emerland, De Walt and local "psychic psychologist" Tamara who join forces for the ultimate Good vs Evil battle. As usual, th [...]

    5. This is the story of an alien entity crash landing in the Appalachian mountains. It starts to take over the residents of the town and things can only get worse with a special festival being held in a few days. Visitors are due in town and it's up to a psychology teacher and two old 'codgers' to save the town from disaster.I really enjoyed this. It started off quite slowly but it soon picked up and became extremely difficult to put down! It was the love child of 'The Tommyknockers' and 'Invasion [...]

    6. I wasn't sure what to expect from this because the synopsis doesn't give anything away, I didn't expect alien plant like zombie people!! Lol. It was definitely different but still really good. This reminded me of the old style horror movies my parents used to watch. It had everything you expect from that type of horror, remote small town, alien/monster causing havoc, band of people fighting against it, add in the Appalachian mountains and you have a winner. I have always been fascinated with the [...]

    7. ABR's full The Harvest audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.The town of Windshake, located in the Appalachian Mountains, has a visitor. It is alien and very hungry! It will consume the people of Windshake one person at a time until it's army of dead people become plant like with glowing green eyes. Anyone who ingests the alien plant like creature - whether is through a kiss or a swig of homemade moonshine with polluted water, they will become one with the alien and one another mov [...]

    8. As a gardener I can tell you that there is nothing more contagious than a weed - and this book - THE HARVEST - is crammed FULL of an invading species that is basically a virulent weed. So right off the bat THE HARVEST creeps me outE HARVEST is old-school novel of space invasions - not the "OH MY GOLLY THEY ARE SHOOTING DOWN THE AIR FORCE" Independence Day style military space invasions - but more along the lines of the creeping paranoia of John Carpenter's THE THING - or better yet, John W. Camp [...]

    9. The Harvest is an excellent horror novel, a lot like Stephen King's work in many ways, daring to push the boundaries of "scary" and combining horror with a quaint rural setting to create a very original story.

    10. Forever Never Ends is the author's prefered version of his 2003 novel The Harvest and it seems that Nicholson is moving away from his Bentley Little style of simple titles. The Harvest Never Ends was a "what?" book for me. This does not mean that I didn't enjoy it because I did like it enough to finish, but I found it very confusing. It made me question my own intelligence at times because I honestly do not know if I am to blame for not getting it or if it is the book's fault. If you have ever r [...]

    11. Once again, Scott Nicholson does not fail to delight! I couldn’t put this book down. Again, we find unimaginable horror in the Appalachian Mountains. (Where most of his stories take place).Telepathy, an other-worldly evil malevolence that meticulously infects one human after another , infidelity, moon shiners , a greedy real estate developer, but most importantly, non-stop gore, just the way that I like it!Mr. Nicholson has an amazing command of the English language and is one of the most desc [...]

    12. Scott Nicholson is growing on me. This book is on par with some of King's works. Adding real life southern mountain touches to graphic word images. You can almost smell the funk and feel the fervor with which the characters pray. The author winds the story lines and characters together with a plot and just enough of a sense of humor that the horrible tragedy of the story isn't wasted on doom.

    13. Scott Nicholson is fast becoming one of my favourite authors with each book I read of his. The Harvest is a brilliant alien invasion story, remind mr of both Stinger by Robert McCammon and Tommyknockers by Stephen King. I think what I find so pleasing about this novel is the quality of the writing, Nicholson draws the reader into story so you just have to keep reading. Brilliant fun!

    14. Overall I liked the fun b movie tone of this one. It got a little loose toward the end, but managed to be a satisfying read.

    15. Oddly, this was just different enough to keep me entertained and wanting to see what the author would come up with next. The ending was a tad far fetched, but then again fungus sprouting aliens that kill by turning humans into moldy fungus is kind of a stretch of the imagination. But since I grow tired of Stephen King and his endings that make virtually no connection with his overall story, this story right through the ending was entertaining enough to make me want to read another story by Scott [...]

    16. Original and hauntingIt's nearly impossible to read a book in this genre without comparing it to the work of Stephen King, and most books suffer considerably by comparison but this one easily holds its own. The premise is original and interesting, the characters are well drawn,and the descriptions are nothing short of elegant. I was so impressed.

    17. CreepyI don't usually read sci-fi, but this book was really good. An alien has found its way to earth and wants to live, but first it has to eat. Tamara is afraid that she is going crazy when the gloomies come back inside her head. If you like sci-fi, you'll love this book.

    18. This book was actually pretty good. It was pretty slow to start and took me longer to finish than normal, but once the action picked up, it didn't stop until the end. All in all, not a bad read.

    19. This newest rendition, or version, of The Blob, was entertaining, the only thing missing was Steve McQueen. Oh, and this blob was green, with thoughts. Entertaining read for fans of aliens on earth.

    20. “The Harvest” by Scott Nicholson is a rather enjoyable science-fiction/horror novel that will remind readers of various classic B-movie plot lines and concepts. The story itself is about an alien entity that lands in the Appalachian mountings in the United States and starts to “infect” every life form it encounters including the inhabitants of a small mountain town. These infected people become zombie like and try to find more victims to help progress the alien’s ultimate aim which is [...]

    21. 5.0 out of 5 stars The Harvest by Scott Nicholson, September 6, 2013By Maryjane Omeara (Southbridge, MA USA) - See all my reviews(REAL NAME) Edit ReviewThis review is from: The Harvest (Kindle Edition)Scott You scared me with this one. I had to read it during the day, and I usually read before I go to bed. This alien entity wants to take over the earth and everything in it. I love the characters in this book, especially Tamara who is seems to hear the entity and feel it near. She calls it the Gl [...]

    22. Set in the Appalachian mountains, The Harvest is a finely crafted piece of horror by a truly skilled writer. In the novel, a mysterious entity has landed in the mountains and it is devouring whatever it encounters. The story’s main protagonist, Tamara, has a form of ESP that she calls the Gloomies. The most interesting character is a cranky, old mountain man named Chester Mull, who drinks moonshine on his porch. Chester is the first to notice the severe changes that are taking place as the mo [...]

    23. The Harvest was a well-constructed book. I quite liked Scott's writing style and the images he brought to life throughout his writing. What I didn't get into was the storyline. Don't get me wrong, I like aliens, I love sci-fi and fantasy novels of all types, but there was something that just didn't quite work for me with The Harvest.I found that there were too many different characters and I struggled to keep them all straight in my mind (often getting part way through the section only to realis [...]

    24. The dustjacket blurbs compare Nicholson to Stephen King, but this '80s-ish "alien monster attacks a small town" story comes off more like a King parody. An alien plant/fungus-creature comes from space and plants its roots in a small Appalachian town, turning people into slobbery, mushy zombies with glowing green eyes. The prose is decent and fast-moving -- it jumps right into people getting infected -- but the characterizations are terribly weak: Stephen King's small-town folksiness works becaus [...]

    25. I was prepared to not really like this title in the Nicholson library. Why? One because the writer himself said this wasn't one of his favorites, and I was thinking it was going to be identical to Stephen Kings 'Tommy Knockers'. It was a bit mind numbing in spots but overall I was pleasantly surprised. Especially since I'm not a big fan of Sci-fi. I am a fan of Mr. Nicholson's and more so I'm a huge fan of characters that are so well written that I feel like I'm in the trenches right along with [...]

    26. I wanted to like this book, but I never got into it. Way too many characters, and of those 90 percent of them are stereotypes. The protagonist does nothing throughout most of the book but fret about her troubles. The pacing is way too slow until the end. The author has a bad habit of doing gimmicks and tricks during dramatic scenes, such as long paragraphs of run-on sentences or, in the case of one character, an odd internal conversation with made-up figures. The telepathic abilities of the prot [...]

    27. This is a story of an alien invasion/infestation in a small sleepy town in the Appalachian Mountains.The story slowly builds,getting you totally involved in the lives of all the characters until the explosive finale as a band of unlikely heroes comes together to try to defeat the entity and save the town of Windshake.I love the way the characters build throughout this book. You can love some and you can equally hate some. It's full of horror/terror as the entity takes over the town one person at [...]

    28. I did not finish reading this book. Not even half way through I was hoping it would be over soon. It is supposed to be about an alien race that tries to take over a town and a group of people must stop it. There were a couple of good sections of the book that dealt with the alien but other than that, the author seemed more interested in religion and the characters religious views. There were also sections of the book that I thought the author should have gone into more detail about that he seeme [...]

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