Esercizi di stile Un episodio di vita quotidiana di sconcertante banalit e novantanove variazioni sul tema in cui la storia viene ridetta mettendo alla prova tutte le figure retoriche i diversi generi letterari da

  • Title: Esercizi di stile
  • Author: Raymond Queneau Umberto Eco
  • ISBN: 9788806173258
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Paperback
  • Un episodio di vita quotidiana, di sconcertante banalit , e novantanove variazioni sul tema, in cui la storia viene ridetta mettendo alla prova tutte le figure retoriche, i diversi generi letterari dall epico al drammatico, dal racconto gotico alla lirica giapponese , giocando con sostituzioni lessicali, frantumando la sintassi, permutando l ordine delle lettere alfabeticUn episodio di vita quotidiana, di sconcertante banalit , e novantanove variazioni sul tema, in cui la storia viene ridetta mettendo alla prova tutte le figure retoriche, i diversi generi letterari dall epico al drammatico, dal racconto gotico alla lirica giapponese , giocando con sostituzioni lessicali, frantumando la sintassi, permutando l ordine delle lettere alfabetiche Eco, nella prefazione, dichiara che per anni stato tentato di tradurre questi racconti, perch erano ritenuti intraducibili, legati come sono al genio specifico della lingua francese E infine la decisione non si trattava di tradurre, ma di capire le regole del gioco che Queneau si era poste, e quindi giocare la stessa partita con un altra lingua.

    Esercizi di stile Esercizi di stile The end of a love story, told in fourteen different styles from comedy to western, from noir to thriller, silent movie and so on Directors Rancore Esercizi Di Stile Ft RINquore TESTO YouTube Jun , The future of live TV with channels No cable box required Cancel anytime. Esercizi di Stile Home Facebook See of Esercizi di Stile on Facebook Log In or Create New Account See of Esercizi di Stile on Facebook Log In Forgot account or Create New Account Not Now Esercizi di Stile Gym Physical Fitness Center in Macerata . . out of stars Closed Now Community See ESERCIZI DI STILE Nuovo e Utile ESERCIZI DI STILE di Raymond Queneau trad di Umberto Eco Notazioni Sulla S, in un ora di traffico Un tipo di circa ventisei anni, cappello floscio con una cordicella al posto del nastro, collo troppo lungo, come se glielo avessero tirato La gente scende Il tizio in questione si arrabbia con un vicino. Rancore Esercizi di stile Lyrics Genius Lyrics Esercizi di stile Lyrics Stasera metto l odio da parte Faccio il simpatico Per te sar galante Per te metter l abito Lo sai non abito poi cos lontano Ma ti aspetter mezz ora e Esercizi di stile Piscina e Palestra Macerata Un team di istruttori professionisti, attivit per tutti i gusti e divertimento assicurato Esercizi di Stile tutto questo Piscina, sala Fitness, e sala Attrezzi sono a completa disposizione di adulti e bambini, con numerosi corsi da seguire sia in gruppo che individualmente. Esercizi Di Stile Raymond Queneau EPUB Libri Esercizi di stile un esilarante testo di retorica applicata, un architettura combinatoria, un avvincente gioco enigmistico Tutto vero, per anche un manifesto letterario, un tracciato di frammenti autobiografici, la trascrizione di una serie di sogni realmente effettuati da Queneau. Raymond Queneau, Esercizi di stile anovecento ESERCIZI DI STILE Torino, Einaudi, Esercizi di stile un opera a cui lo scrittore francese Raymond Queneau si dedic dal al , anno dell edizione definitiva Il libro incentrato su uno squarcio di vita quotidiana, un episodio casuale a cui normalmente non viene prestata alcuna attenzione. Esercizi di stile Esercizi di stile Exercices de style , scritto dal francese Raymond Queneau, una collezione di racconti della stessa storia, rivisitata ogni volta in uno stile differente In ciascun racconto, il narratore prende l autobus, assiste ad un alterco fra un uomo e un altro passeggero, Esercizi di stile, Raymond Queneau Giulio Einaudi Editore Esercizi di stile un esilarante testo di retorica applicata, un architettura combinatoria, un avvincente gioco enigmistico Per anche un manifesto letterario antisurrealista , un tracciato di frammenti autobiografici, la trascrizione di una serie di sogni realmente effettuati da Queneau perfino un testo politico, nonch un autoparodia.

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    1. Raymond Queneau Umberto Eco

      Queneau was born in Le Havre in 1903 and went to Paris when he was 17 For some time he joined Andr Breton s Surrealist group, but after only a brief stint he dissociated himself Now, seeing Queneau s work in retrospect, it seems inevitable The Surrealists tried to achieve a sort of pure expression from the unconscious, without mediation of the author s self aware persona Queneau s texts, on the contrary, are quite deliberate products of the author s conscious mind, of his memory, his intentionality.Although Queneau s novels give an impression of enormous spontaneity, they were in fact painstakingly conceived in every small detail He even once remarked that he simply could not leave to hazard the task of determining the number of chapters of a book Talking about his first novel, Le Chiendent usually translated as The Bark Tree , he pointed out that it had 91 sections, because 91 was the sum of the first 13 numbers, and also the product of two numbers he was particularly fond of 7 and 13.

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    1. MetaFrom what point of view should I review the book? Evidently: from all possible points of view.SnobbishNeedless to say, I am reading the original French edition. I can hardly believe that his delicate linguistic irony would survive translation into English. Quelle horreur!VulgarI laughed until I wet myself. Well, I should know better than to read this kind of book in the bathroom.PedanticIf nothing else, very educational. I have already learned the names of two figures of speech I didn't prev [...]

    2. On the platform, pla pla pla, of a bus, chuff chuff, chuff, which was an S (and singing still dost soar, and soaring ever singest), it was about noon, ding dang dong, ding dang dong, a ridiculous ephebus, poof, poof, who had one of those hats, pooh, suddenly turned (twirl twirl), on his neighbour angrily, grrh, grrh, and said, hm hm: "You are purposely josling me, Sir," Ha ha. - Exercises in Style, Raymond QueneauOne very effective way I have found to squeeze the juice of wisdom from the books I [...]

    3. Only one book has ever “changed my life” (god, if only things were so simple that a book could change your life!) and that is Joyce’s Ulysses, and that only in terms of my ideas of dedication and rigor. It certainly didn’t unearth profound aspects of my personality that until that point were latent, it didn’t give me any guiding path in life to tread, it didn’t suddenly instill value into things that I before considered to be without value. What it primarily did was to show me the re [...]

    4. UPDATE: Queneau's Exercises in Style is given the Geoff Wilt treatment in Verbivoracious Festschrift Volume Three: The Syllabus.-- Who the fuck writes the same thing 99 times over? Pretentious twit! Don't bother.-- A masterpiece of style, grammar, innovation, elegance, a tour de force of wizardry, erudition, humour and social commentary. Chapeau M'sieur Queneau.-- I didn't really get the headings. Were those meant to be chapters?-- Mate, don't be late, address the great and adumbrate, there'll b [...]

    5. Το βιβλίο αυτό ήταν σκέτη απόλαυση!************************- Οτ λιβλιο ταυτό νατη τέσκη λαυπόαση- Το βιβλίο ναούμ, ήταν σκέτη ναουμ απόλαυση ναούμ- Το αντικείμενο με το σκληρό εξώφυλλο και τα φύλλα με γράμματα προκάλεσε τέρψη οφθαλμών και σκέψηςΚάπως έτσι λοιπόν ο συγγραφέας παραλλάσ [...]

    6. This is a lot of fun at the beginning as you realise exactly what Queneau has challenged himself to do here: rewrite the same little scene about a gangly young man in a badly fitting overcoat and an odd hat, in different styles, ninety-nine times! After number twenty however, the various word play games are no longer quite as funny. After number forty, you’re pretty sceptical about Queneau's mental health. By number sixty, you’re seriously worried about your own. By number eighty, you’re s [...]

    7. Blurb(view spoiler)[“Exercises in Style” retells an apparently unremarkable tale ninety-nine times, employing a variety of styles, ranging from sonnet to cockney to mathematical formula. Too funny to be merely a pedantic thesis, this virtuoso set of themes and variations is a linguistic rust-remover, a guide to literary forms and a demonstration of imagery and inventiveness. (hide spoiler)]MJ Nicholls(view spoiler)[I finally located my copy of this ingenuous little number in my attic and rea [...]

    8. Pearls before a swine? Perhaps.It definitely takes a lot of talent for someone to tell one completely unremarkable story 99 times and still make a fun and readable book out of it. What Queneau (and the translator) has done here is really clever work, no doubt. And I can imagine this whole exercise must have been very amusing for him. But that doesn't mean reading it will be just as enjoyable as writing it was.**These are exercises in writing in English (originally French). I do have some working [...]

    9. Ενα εξαιρετικά πρωτότυπο ανάγνωσμα όπου ο συγγραφέας χρησιμοποιεί 99 διαφορετικούς τρόπους να εκφράσει μια ανούσια μικρή ιστορία. Μπορεί κανείς να το διαβάσει σε 10 διαφορετικά μέρη, σαλόνι, κουζίνα, αναγνωστήριο, τουαλέτα κλπ. καθώς και με άπειρους τρόπους ανάσκελα, καθιστ [...]

    10. I feel like this book's high average rating is caused mostly by the fact that the only people who would even know about it are the sort of people who'd like it. So, though I didn't hate it completely, I'm here to offer a dissenting opinion:This book kind of sucks. It's a short, anticlimactic anecdote about a scuffle on a bus, told in 99 different styles. I imagine this is already enough to turn off most people, but in case this still sounds really good to you, be apprised that none of those styl [...]

    11. (reread 09/13/15)The English translation better be good, because this? This is brilliant. "Il y avait aujourd'hui dans l'autobus à côté de moi, sur la plate-forme, un de ces morveux comme on n'en fait guère, heureusement, sans ça je finirais par en tuer un." PS. I would love to write my review as Raymond Queneau, that is to say, using several literacy techniques to relate the same story over and over and over again, but let's face it : my English needs improvement before.

    12. The premise of this book is simple - a little anecdote about a man on a bus, a story so bland that you wouldn't even put it into your cycle of small talk. This book is not bland because the execution is dazzling. Queneau tells the same story in over a hundred different ways, ranging from Operatic English to Tanka to onomatopoeia to set theory to high art to Cockney slang.Such a book would normally be untranslatable, and there are some noticeable changes from the original. Cockney slang is a subs [...]

    13. So, as it turns out, I've read the book in 8th grade, and found it so awesome, that I wrote down in my diary some of the story renderings.This time around, not so much. Eventually, I grew tired and I didn't really finish the book. But I suppose that's the sad fate of re-reading old favorites(Loved the illustrations though!)

    14. Ουτε ένας ουτε δύο ουτε τρείς αλλα 99 τρόποι για να πεις μια οχι ενδιαφέρουσα, οχι ιδιαίτερη αλλα καθημερινή ιστορία που βρίθει οχι απο λύπη, στεναχώρια, δέος αλλα απο έξυπνο, αβίαστο, εκλεπτυσμένο χιούμορ. (Μόλις χρησιμοποίησα τον ένα απο τους 99 τρόπους για την κριτική αυτού [...]

    15. СОФИЙСКОНачи бате, качвам се в рейса неска по обед, щото бегах от даскало. И вътре, бате, некъв гъз – ама тъп ти казвам, дигна некъв ебати скандала, бате. Били го бутали, ми в рейса кво иска. Вика, вика и избега да седне, бате, казвам ти, пълен гъз. Към 5, бехме се направили на гъз с [...]

    16. What story can be told about a brief bus ride and a button?It can be turned into a surreal vision:“In the centre of the day, tossed among the shoal of travelling sardines in a coleopter with a big white carapace, a chicken with a long, feather-less neck suddenly harangued one, a peace-abiding one, of their number, and its parlance, moist with protest, was unfolded upon the airs. Then, attracted by a void, the fledgling precipitated itself thereunto.In a bleak, urban desert, I saw it again that [...]

    17. Esercizi di stile, sono appunto 99 esercizi che l'autore ha fatto per la stesura di un libro. Qui, nello specifico, l'esempio che fa è su una semplice situazione quotidiana che può succedere a chiunqueDi certo è un libro adatto agli addetti ai lavori, cioè scrittori, giornalisti, ecc direi che questo libretto sia molto prezioso soprattutto per gli scrittori esordienti o per chi sia in crisi creativa.A me, che non sono un addetto ai lavori, è risultato a tratti divertente, a tratti disorient [...]

    18. Le côté subjectifI liked my time with this book. When I did not know a rhetoric form Raymond referred to (which was often), I looked it up on the internet and tried to figure out how it related to the specific style of the exercise in question. When I got to the more abstruse linguistic games, I started wondering how these could ever be translated into other languages, so I bought the English and German versions of the book and played my own game of contrast and compare. And when I finished th [...]

    19. I think this is a book that should be read in its original language of French. I loved the idea of this book, but my expectations were perhaps a little too high. The low rating is not the book's fault, but my goddamn own - excuse my (lack of) French. On a crowded bus at midday, the narrator observes one man accusing another of jostling him deliberately. When a seat is vacated, the first man takes it. Later, in another part of town, the man is spotted again while being advised by a friend to have [...]

    20. On Exercices de Style, considered his masterpiece and most influential work, Raymond Queneau said, “People have tried to see it as an attempt to demolish literature--that was not at all my intention. In any case my intention was merely to produce some exercises; the finished product may possibly act as a kind of rust-remover to literature to help to rid it of some of its scabs. If I’ve been able to contribute a little to this, then I am very proud, especially if I have done it without boring [...]

    21. What makes a good story? Plot, characters or structure? Maybe the stories we enjoy aren’t enjoyable because of its components, maybe they are enjoyable because of the way they were written or told. A good narrator is incredibly important to catch our attention and interest as long as the story lasts, otherwise there is a chance of being misled or left disheartened. What Raymond Queneau brings you in Exercises in Style is a set of 99 narrators; each equally amusing, entertaining and knowledgeab [...]

    22. ThoughtfulMy reaction to books like Raymond Queneau’s Exercises In Style is comparable to my reaction when faced with certain works of conceptual, or modern, art, such as, for example, Martin Kippenberger’s Wittgenstein. What I mean by this is that the enjoyment I derive from them is superficial, is immediate but not long-lasting; in fact, I tend to find equal or greater enjoyment in the concepts or ideas being described to me as I do in experiencing them myself.To my mind, the most basic pr [...]

    23. * Edit: May 13 2011 *I finally bought a copy of this ingenious little number and read it through again. I think my favourite mode has to be ‘Reactionary,’ where the narrator makes angry pronouncements on the world around him while telling the bus altercation story. It wasn’t as funny the second time around, but nothing ever is, sadly. I looked up some of the more specific verse forms that escaped me on the first read and smiled more knowingly. (A more knowing smile involves greater purchas [...]

    24. . --- .-- -- .- -. -.-- -. - -.-. -.- -. --. - -- . - --- . .- - . - --- .- -.-- - . - . -. --- .-. . - -. -.- -. --- .- -- .- -. --- -. .- - - . .- .- - - - - --- -. .-.-.-

    25. This was The Well-Tempered Clavier, but in writing. Given its status and how loved this book seems to be on GR, I feel somewhat like it’s an epic F.A.I.L on my part to not have been blown away by it. But seriously, guys, I don’t get it. It’s clever, I’ll give you that. Other than that, it’s mostly gimmicky, sometimes amusing, and occasionally interesting. I liked the episodes rewritten as told by a yokel or in mangled French as spoken by an English person (amusing), as well as the epis [...]

    26. This shames me to say but I was not originally on the bus with Queneau's Exercises in Style, yet I pretended to be, sitting right beside the dude with the long neck and the eccentric hat. I was not being myself, not beating my own drum, passengers stepping all over my feet, but I could not get off the bus. Shamed if I did, shamed if I didn't. So I sat there reading his proper novels, genuinely enjoying them as the bus jostled and my feet hurt and the long neck irked me. Damn sheepish passengers! [...]

    27. A million points for creativity, I'll give it that. A short, two paragraph vignette repeated 99 times, but each in a different style really illustrates the protean (and fun!) nature of language. There have been quite a few books that have caused me while reading to think "If I ever teach a creative writing class, I've got to use this!" Well this book actually coerced me into creating a new shelf "to-assign-in-creative-writing-class." Happy New Year! Will it be a Happy New Year? Miserable Old Day [...]

    28. Коментар „Упражнения по стил“ е тънка книжка. Изданието, което прочетох, има грозна жълта корица и заглавие, изписано с безсерифен шрифт. Издадена е от „Фама“. В това свое произведение, Реймон Кьоно преразказва една очевидно незабележителна история цели деветдесет и дев [...]

    29. This is an interesting study in voice. If you're struggling to understand the impact voice can have on a story, or if you want some assistance giving your narrator a different flavor, this book has a variety of useful examples.

    30. So pleased by the number of writing styles featured here. I could have never noticed the different styles. Some of my favorites were the subjective side, word-composition, distinguo, free verse, definitional, lipogram (omitted the 'e'), and epistolary. From distinguo:"In an S bus (which is not to be confused with a trespass), I saw (not an eyesore) a chap (not a Bath one) wearing a dark soft hat (and not a hat daft sack), which hat was encircled by a plaited cord (and not by an applauded cat). [ [...]

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