Married to Another Man Israel s Dilemma in Palestine Two rabbis visiting Palestine in observed that the land was like a bride beautiful but married to another man By which they meant that if a place was to be found for Israel in Palestine whe

  • Title: Married to Another Man: Israel's Dilemma in Palestine
  • Author: Ghada Karmi
  • ISBN: 9780745320656
  • Page: 470
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two rabbis, visiting Palestine in 1897, observed that the land was like a bride, beautiful, but married to another man By which they meant that, if a place was to be found for Israel in Palestine, where would the people of Palestine go This is a dilemma that Israel has never been able to resolve.No conflict today is dangerous than that between Israel and the PalesTwo rabbis, visiting Palestine in 1897, observed that the land was like a bride, beautiful, but married to another man By which they meant that, if a place was to be found for Israel in Palestine, where would the people of Palestine go This is a dilemma that Israel has never been able to resolve.No conflict today is dangerous than that between Israel and the Palestinians The implications it has for regional and global security cannot be overstated The peace process as we know it is dead and no solution is in sight Nor, as this book argues, will that change until everyone involved in finding a solution accepts the real causes of conflict, and its consequences on the ground.Leading writer Ghada Karmi explains in fascinating detail the difficulties Israel s existence created for the Arab world and why the search for a solution has been so elusive Ultimately, she argues that the conflict will end only once the needs of both Arabs and Israelis are accommodated equally Her startling conclusions overturn conventional thinking but they are hard to refute.

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    1. Ghada Karmi

      Dr Ghada Karmi was born in Palestine and then had to flee with her family when it became Israel She grew up in Britain and now she s a doctor, author, academic, and well know international commentator on the Israeli Palestinian conflict Ghada still vividly remembers a huge bombing just behind her house in Jerusalem It was absolutely dreadful I was bewildered, I was scared I could see my parents were scared, which is very scary for a child because you think your parents know it all and they look after you I knew, from that moment on, things had changed for us I didn t know how, but things weren t going to be the same again After fleeing their family home, her family eventually settled in London My mother was very angry about the loss of the homeland She didn t speak English, she didn t want to come that far afield, she just wasn t prepared I m afraid she never adapted, she stayed very Arab I think it s a very great tragedy, one of the many, is people like my mother, who could not accept her exile, and was never really happy in Britain and never found happiness again, in fact Unlike her mother, Ghada settled in fairly quickly I was a child I made friends, I became very much part of the English way of life I married an Englishman I felt not just integrated, but assimilated Her idea for a one state solution in the Middle East hasn t got much support as yet This is still a minority view There is a constituency for it, on both sides, and also by the way among non Jews and non Palestinians, but the good news is this constituency is growing A few years back nobody was talking about the one state solution Today, three or four years on, we are hearing and voices raised in support That, to me, shows that the trend is growing.

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    1. I had picked this book up last year, on my visit to Israel and Palestine as an evaluator. The experience of standing before the huge wall that separates sections of the Palestinian population from their lands and livelihoods, was overwhelming.Although my evaluation report (on the Palestine Programme of UNCTAD) has been submitted a while ago, my interest in understanding the origins of the longest conflict in our post-World war existence, remained unsatiated. I wanted to know more about the Pales [...]

    2. This book provides a great analysis on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, its impact on other Arab countries, the peace process and the factors which contribute to the bad situation nowadays. A must read book to understand the depth of the cause.

    3. i havent read this yet. But I look forward to. This author is the granma of one of my favoritest teachers.

    4. most of the subject matter covered by Karmi is well known, especially to people on the left. She makes a fair amount of valid points, but by the end it is basically pretty basic stuff or, what is worse, apologetic of groups like Hamas. Her main proposition for fixing the problem is a very interesting one (a common state for Palestinians and Jews), but it is doubtful if it can come to being

    5. This book and Ilan Pappe's Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine I highly recommend for explaining the conflict and why we have failed to see a solution. The one state solution is discussed and advocated. I agree and enjoyed the rarely discussed nuance of binational versus secular democratic as well as the suggestions of Belgian, Czech, and other models. Leaders of this so called peace process in the Quartet should have a look at both books.

    6. I cannot comment on this book objectively. Just because the book is not objective neither. There are some points that are factually accurate, some are less but the sole point from the book, namely blaming the existence of Israel for the undemocratic, military regimes in the Middle East. The idea specifically redundant as proven in my view by the events of so called 'Arab Spring'.

    7. Quite an eye-opening perspective to read as an American Jew who went on birthright, though difficult to distance the author's personal perspective and experience from the argument put forth. Her bitterness, however seems to be not a flaw but a quality of the book that further helps to bring to light the convoluted and charged nature of the issue.

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