Security Training Courses by Jovin S T

Welcome to Jovin S T website, we are here to provide you security training courses, which give you all the support that you will need to get started in The Private Security Industry.

If you are looking at this then it means that you are interested in becoming a Qualified Door Supervisor. Which is a Level 2 accreditation, which means at the end of the course and if you successfully pass the exam you would receive LEVEL 2 AWARD IN DOOR SUPERVISION

Security Training Courses for SIA Licence

Our SIA Licence Training will prepare you for a rewarding and challenging career as an SIA Accredited Door Supervisor. The role of a Door Supervisor is extremely demanding, so it is vital that you receive the best quality Door Supervisor Training available before you begin your new career.

SIA Training Courses

Here, at Jovin Security Training Ltd., we help individuals to get licensed after doing our security training courses or SIA training courses. Jovin S T is a renowned organization in the realm of security training courses that makes you qualified to get the SIA licence.

To be qualified which is linked to SIA licensing can only be achieved through any SIA training courses provider such as Jovin Security. We are the approved SIA training organization based in the UK.

Once you successfully complete the Door Supervisor course from Jovin Security, you will definitely be able to apply for SIA Door Supervisor Licence. It is a legal requirement that you have SIA Licence Training and a valid SIA Licence before you start working in the private security industry in the UK.

10 thoughts on “Security Training Courses by Jovin S T

  1. This course are better than average to bring with you they likewise open part of occupations if ur unemployed. Additionally these course make you mindful and make you acquire capability.

  2. This course is brilliant the presentations are clear which makes it very easy to understand i personally am a slow learner however the teacher always stops the class if i am stuck or do not understand.
    I give the course a 5\5 rating.

  3. This course is great, very good way of understanding the security industry for beginners who want to excel in the industry. The course itself presents to you slides of information, which is very important learn and you also get to do a practical exam which is very fun and a great way of finishing the course.

  4. I enjoyed the 3 days cctv course it was well presented the tutor was good in explaining things i didn’t understand it made me confident I would like to enjoy more courses in future for wellbeing and better rate of pay employment

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