Traffic Marshall (Banksman)

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traffic marshall courseWhat is Traffic Marshall Course

A Banksman and traffic marshal carry out the same duties. Traditionally Banksmen were found in commercial and construction roles.

The term traffic marshal has largely replaced the more traditional term of Banksman reflecting the more diverse duties a traffic marshal may undertake in the public arena such as events, parking and security.

If they reverse vehicles then the answer is yes. If they manage, control or interact with vehicles at work then the answer is almost certainly yes.

In practice, many professions and sectors of the UK economy now require employees and contractors to undertake Traffic Marshall course to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Construction Design and Management Regulations.

Vehicles at work continue to be a major cause of fatal and major injuries. Since 1998/99 there has been an average of 61 fatalities each year as well as over 2150 major injuries.

This Traffic Marshall course enables any individual and any one on site to confidently direct vehicles safely while avoiding any accidents.

The Traffic Marshall Course will be assessed in 2 ways:

Part 1: Practical Assessment:

-Individuals will demonstrate the correct knowledge for directing a vehicle

Part 2: Theoretical

– Assessment and learning.

– Understanding the roles of both the Driver and the Banksman.

– Following a multi-choice question paper at the end of the course

– Learners will be made aware of the Current Legislation (Safety signs & signals Regulations 1996)

At the end of the Training, the learner will have demonstrated the Correct Signalling to Direct Vehicles and the correct questioning of vehicle drivers that are incoming and vehicles that are leaving.


Learners who successfully complete this traffic marshall course will be awarded a Traffic Banksman Training Certificate of attendance, card along.